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Makutsi Promo Movie 2016
New Hippo Hide
Guest donations go to Orphanage


Makutsi Promotion Movie 2016

We are very proud to share with you our brand new Makutsi Movie!

This movie was filmed during 2 weeks in the month of April 2016, and gives viewers a comprehensive summary of what they will be able to experience during a visit to Makutsi.

Not only will this movie remind you of all your own experiences at Makutsi, but will give you the option of sharing it with your family and friends.

We have also created several shorter movie clips, showing individual features and attractions of Makutsi, such as "Swimming Pools", "Safaris", "Heli Patrol Flights", "Accommodation", "Byde River Canyon" etc.

To view a selection of all these Makutsi Promotional Video Clips, please visit this Youtube Channel Playlist, or find them throughout our Website.

Now, please sit back, make sure you have a few minutes of uninterrupted time, and enjoy this trip back to Africa and Makutsi.

Click on the below image to view the Makutsi Movie

video image

Makutsi Movie 2016

Anyone interested in downloading this movie, please click on the below link. The movie is quite large (468,5MB), so make sure you have a good internet connection for the download.

Download Makutsi Movie 2016


New Hippo Hide

During 3 weeks in June we close the camp. This allows us to send most of our staff on some well deserved holidays, and also gives us some time to work on projects that we cannot do whilst having guests on Makutsi.

This year we used this time to totally rebuild the Hippo Hide. A few days to demolish the old Hide, and almost 3 weeks to build a beautiful, new and improved Hippo Hide.

Somewhat larger, now on two different levels, we look forward for you to experience our new Hippo Hide on your next visit.

hippohide old

Farewell old...


Hello new...


It even has an Upper and Lower Deck !


Guest donations go to Orphanage

So many clients who come to Makutsi bring along all kinds of items as donations for schools or orphanages. We collect all these donations until we have a large enough supply to be able to share. We then choose one of the many schools or orphanages in our area, and hand out these items. Needless to say, every such item is of great value to them, and makes a huge difference to their lives.

A short while ago we visited the Holy Family Orphanage in Lekgalameetse, who support 70 kids aged from infant to 17 years of age. The sisters were extremely grateful, and we would like to give a big thank you to all the guests who took the effort of bringing these donations during your visits to Makutsi.


We kept this Newsletter short and sweet, in order to allow you to focus on the beautiful Makutsi Movie we have just released. We hope you enjoyed this movie, that it brings back many good Makutsi Memories, and that you will enjoy watching it over and over again :)

Thank you for reading, and warm regards from everybody at Makutsi!

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