February 4th, 2016 POWERFUL INITIATIVE TO PROTECT UNBORN CHILDREN In December of 2014 Cassandra Kaake, who was 31 years old and 7 month pregnant wit

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February 4th, 2016



In December of 2014 Cassandra Kaake, who was 31 years old and 7 month pregnant with her wanted baby, was found dead in a burned out Windsor home in December of last year.

Police have arrested 26-year-old Matthew Brush. He is facing first degree murder charges, breaking and entering charges and indecent interference with a dead body.

He is, however, facing no charges for the death of Cassandra's wanted baby, Molly.

Molly Matters is an important initiative that is being spearheaded by Molly's father, Jeff Durham, and Cassandra's family. Though they are grieving the loss of both Cassandra and baby Molly, the law only recognizes part of their loss: the death of Cassandra. This is because in Canada a baby is not considered human while in the womb - even if it is a wanted baby - and therefore has no protection by Canadian law.

Jeff Durham and Cassandra's family want this to change.

We encourage you to support this extremely worthy campaign for justice.

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What You Can Do To Help:

1 ) Please visit www.mollymatters.org and sign their petition.

2 ) Please watch and share this compelling video about Molly Matters.

3 ) Please write your MP to let them know about this unjust story and ask them to support this initiative. Click here to find your MP by postal code.

4 ) Please share this e-mail with your friends. Click here for an on-line link that you can post on your social media.

5 ) Please pray for the success of this campaign and share about it with your prayer groups.



This March an exciting film, HUSH, is coming to many University and College campuses across Canada. This film looks at the link between abortion and medical complications such as breast cancer and pre-term birth in later pregnancies.

The producers are clear to state that this film is not pro-life, or pro-choice: it is pro-information. Not only does it feature compelling women's health information that every woman should be aware of but it looks at the question of why some of this important information is being seemingly kept from women.

Please click here to watch the trailer for this compelling film.

Please click here to go to the film's website.

Please click here to go to the Canadian tour's website.

The film is expecting to premiere in Canada on April 1st. The tour will be a "sneak preview" tour where people can see the film before its release.

To see tour stops at a campus near you please click here (dates will be posted in the weeks coming).


If you would like to host a sneak preview at your church please e-mail info@hushfilmtour.com. There is no financial obligation for hosting a viewing. A free-will offering to support the campus tour will be taken after the sneak previews.


Transgenderism in Alberta Could Put Children at Risk

On January 13th, Alberta’s Education Minister David Eggen released a document outlining transgender policies that all of the province’s schools must adopt by March 31st; its stated purpose being to protect the safety of transgendered students. In doing so, however, many feel the inherent dangers to other students and parents are being overlooked.

The entire document embraces the idea that self-identification is the sole measure of an individual’s gender and sexual orientation. Its implications include young female students being forced to share a washroom or change room with a boy who “identifies” as female. Critics see this as a very real safety vulnerability that could be exploited by s-xual predators posing as transgender.

Also, under the new policies, students can choose their own pronoun, play for boys or girls teams, use the bathroom or change room of their choice, and establish gay-straight alliances. The guidelines also demand that school administrators must obtain explicit permission from students before disclosing information related to sexual orientation or identity to his or her parents.

Catholic schools are not exempt from the changes announced without their consultation, and bishops have responded by taking an unprecedented stand of protest against the government. Catholic schools, however, have in turn created their own watershed moment in defying their religious leaders and moving forward with the proposed changes.

"Mother" and "Father" at Risk

The Alberta Education guidelines document also states that the words “mother” and “father” should be removed from all school forms, websites, and letters, to make communications more “inclusive”. This type of ideological change also happened in Ontario this past week when lawmakers approved a motion to remove the same words, mother and father, from all government forms in order to “reflect the diverse nature” of Ontario families. The terms “parent” or “guardian" will now be used on government forms.

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What You Can Do to Help

1) No matter what province you are from, please e-mail Alberta Minister of Education David Eggen to respectfully explain the dangers of the guidelines and to let him know that you are not in support. Click here for a template letter to David Eggen on this issue.

2) Please stand with Alberta's bishops against the school policy by signing this petition.

3) There are rumblings of similar policies breaking forth in provinces across the nation. Be proactive. Please contact your MLA (or MPP) to discourage these or similar guidelines. Click here to find your provincial member (MLA/MPP).

4) If you live in Ontario, please contact your MPP to express your concern over the removal of "mother" and "father" from government documents, suggesting instead the addition of the terms "parent" and "guardian". Click here to find your MPP by postal code now.

Ontario parents are also invited to participate in P.E.A.C.E Ontario's Webinar series on navigating the province's s-x education curriculum, beginning February 9th. Click here to sign up for the webinar now.

5) Please pray that our children would be protected from any physical abuses and ideological dangers they are facing in their school systems and that parental rights would also be protected.





MY Canada is hosting national prayer conference calls every second Tuesday at noon EST.

The next call is February 16th, 2015 .

If you would like to participate in these calls please click here and add your name to the Keep Our Land e-list.

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