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Chef Kenzie's Breakfast Egg Scramble

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Chef Kenzie's Breakfast Egg Scramble

Under 10 minutes? Check.
Single serving? Check.
Uses leftovers? Check.
If you're looking for a quick-and-easy breakfast to whip up in a flash, check out Chef Kenzie's in-a-jiffy egg scramble. This recipe has all the flavor - without the hassle! Grab the recipe (and more) from Chef Kenzie and Chef Dawn HERE.

Quick and Easy Meal Planning Classes

Quick and Easy Classes

Looking for Quick-and-
Easy AH Meal Plans? AND speed up your cooking and prep time with some easy kitchen hacks? Enroll in our NEW Quick and Easy Classes (a two part series!). The first class will review how to speed-up the prep times of some of your favorite recipes. You'll also learn to build your own quick-and-easy meals to serve in a flash. The second class will then go over strategies to creatively use leftovers. Both classes are great for AH meals when Cooking for One.
Register for one or both classes HERE.

One-on-one meal planning session

One-on-One Meal Planning Session

We're testing out a new offering and you can have it at a discounted rate until May 31! Schedule a one-on-one meal planning session with Chef Kenzie. During this session, Chef Kenzie will help you come up with strategies to use leftovers, build a meal plan, and tailor recipes to your individual dietary and lifestyle needs. After your session, you will receive 5 AH balanced meals tailored to suit your individual needs and preferences. ONLY 15 SPOTS AVAILABLE! Request a session - normally $125 USD (Special offer of $100 USD until May 31) Register HERE.

Do Lower-Carbohydrate Diets Increase Total Energy Expenditure? An Updated and Reanalyzed Meta-Analysis of 29 Controlled-Feeding Studies

Read Full Article Here >>

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