One of Lake Manitoba Narrows Game and Fish's most successful Ice Fishing Derbies On behalf of the Lake Manitoba Narrows Game and Fish, I would like

2017 Ice Fishing Derby

One of Lake Manitoba Narrows Game and Fish's most successful Ice Fishing Derbies

On behalf of the Lake Manitoba Narrows Game and Fish, I would like to update the community and guests on the amazing ice fishing derby that was held at Lake Manitoba Narrows on March 25, 2017. We had people lined up at 9 am for registration and then the excited fishermen were off to Skunk Bay (about a mile from the Lodge, where the ice is as smooth as glass in some spots and over 4 feet thick). We were expecting a great turn-out based on the interest, but could not have imagined such an amazing response. Even with the strong winds that Saturday brought, we had 115 participants in the derby and sold 176 holes. Of those 155 fishermen, we had people of all ages and it was fantastic to see the kids come out for the derby!

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On the Ice

As the winds blew, people kept warm in all sorts of ways. Some made fires on the ice, many had pop up tents, and we even positioned vehicles to block the wind. Nothing was going to stop us from having a great day on the lake. And nothing did! From every corner of the derby area laughter could be heard as well as screams of delights when people got a nibble or excited yells "FISH ON!"


The derby wrapped up at 3 pm with 55 fish caught and then released, consisting of Mariah, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch and some nice sized Walleye.


Derby Results

After the horn blew, Dennis Giesbrecht, the Fish Chair from the Game and Fish, announced the winners right on the ice. First place trophy and $670 prize money went to Mike Kubas with a 4.8 pound Mariah. The second place trophy and $400 prize money went to Ezra Kleinsasser with a 3.9 pound Northern Pike. The third place trophy and $270 prize money went to Corey Isbister with a 3.72 pound Northern Pike.


Back: Blair Olafson (President of the Game and FIsh) Left to Right: Roger Gulay (Vice President of Game and Fish), 1st place Mike Kubas, 2nd place Ezra Kleinsasser, 3rd place Corey Isbister, and Danny Kleinsasser of Danny's Whole Hog.


Wrap Up Dinner Sponsored By Narrows West Lodge and Danny's Whole Hog!

After the winners were announced and trophies and prizes were presented, Dennis invited everyone back to Narrows Lodge where the derby dinner was to be held. While the participants enjoyed a great day on the lake, the staff at Narrows West Lodge were busy setting up the dining room and tavern for the private function. Our chef, Klaus Pagel spent the entire day slow roasting the magnificent pig that was so generously donated by Danny's Whole Hog. Eileen and Grace were busy making homemade buns while Debbie and Klaus worked on the sides and desserts. With the combined efforts of Danny's Whole Hog, Narrows West Lodge and staff, and the Lake Manitoba Narrows Game and Fish volunteers, we hosted a delicious dinner for over 150 people. The dinner was free for all that entered the derby due to the generous donations of our sponsors. Those that were not fishing joined us for dinner for a charge of $5.00 which went to to the Game and Fish Organization. It was the perfect way to end a great day and people enjoyed themselves sharing fishing tales well into the night!


Thank you Danny's Whole Hog for donating the pig for this event!

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Thank you Narrows West Lodge for donating all the fresh buns, side dishes and your staff for serving dinner!

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Narrows West Marina Completely Full!

We are completely full and have a few families on a waiting list that are interested in a spot next year. As we strive to accommodate all our existing and our potential new customers, we are forced to be more strict with our payment process. Dock slips are due in full by April 1, 2017 with no exception. Any spot holders not paid by April 1st will lose their spot. We hope all marina customers will adhere to this timeline as we have given ample notice of this deadline and will strive to accommodate those on the waiting list if possible.