Kelly DeSarla says this!

Kelly DeSarla, actress, singer/songwriter and flute player talks about my new online stand-alone course!

Kelly DeSarla

I highly recommend Harriet’s Schock’s new online course called “Getting Emotional Impact into Your Songs.” She boils down decades of experience in songwriting into bite sized morsels that are easy to understand and at the same time profound. The course is beneficial to beginners as well as those who are more experienced, and uses a wonderful variety of teaching styles including lecture, example videos and written materials. I have had the privilege of studying songwriting with Harriet for years, and believe her to be the best teacher of song writing around today. Harriet encourages truthful communication that packs an emotional wallop. She has taught me how to have the biggest impact in my songwriting while using the fewest words. She is also one of my favorite people on the planet. Purchase this course and you are definitely learning from the absolute best. Find out more HERE.
Kelly DeSarla - Singer/songwriter, Actor, Flautist

And for those of you who missed the video of Steven Neal Wagner's testimonial, here is the text:
I just want to say a few things about Harriet Schock’s course on How to Get Emotional Impact into Your Songs. I think it’s a great course for songwriters at all levels, even a guy like me who has been writing for decades and has produced songs with emotional impact. Even I got something out of it. Case in point was one particular thing that Harriet talked about that I had never even really considered yet it’s such a powerful thing you can do to add strength to a lyric. It’s just a door I never considered opening so thank you for that, Harriet. It’s great. It’s a great course.
Steven Neal Wagner - Singer/Songwriter

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