National Pie Day January 23rd is National Pie Day. Many think about pies in the summer for such beauties as peach pie, blueberry pie or cherry pie,

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National Pie Day

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January 23rd is National Pie Day.
Many think about pies in the summer for such beauties as peach pie, blueberry pie or cherry pie, and again at Thanksgiving with pumpkin pie, pecan pie and apple pie.
When I was first reading through the list of National food holidays I was surprised to find National Pie Day in the middle of January. This makes me consider the many elements of pies such as making flaky crusts, the warm kitchen, and enjoying a slice of pie with a nice glass of bourbon.
So I tried my hand at making a few wintery pies and here are my favorites that I hope inspire you to make a pie!
Cinnamon Chicken Pot Pie, Seafood Pie, Beef Bourginon Pie
Poached Pear Pie, Ginger Custard Pie, Ricotta Pie

Superbowl Sunday Dishes

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The Superbowl is Sunday February 2nd this year and it is a great day to gather your friends, craft a few specialty drinks -Mile HIgh Manhattan or a Washington Apple - and eat simple to prepare, satisfying small dishes!
Great Appetizers are easy with a cheese board, mini empanadas,
This year make a few dishes that cook low and slow without any attention such as pulled pork - or Puebla style chicken. These also work great as part of a Taco Bar!
Hearty soups work great to sustain you through a long game such as corn chowder, turkey chili and pumpkin chicken ragout.
You can't go wrong with meatballs and sauce served in hot dog buns; and when in doubt there is always Fondue!
Want to make it really easy? Book your reservation at Luca Bar and I'll be cooking for you! Seating is extremely limited and includes open wine and beer! Book your reservation right now!

Olympic Viewing Parties

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The Winter Olympics will soon begin which means starting in two weeks you'll be getting up early with purpose!
The opening ceremony is February 7th! Want to drink something special? Our favorite mixologist, Nata Traub has created a great drink just for the occasion: Peggy's Gold Medal!
Because of the time difference, coverage most days begins at 3am est, so great late night snacks and brunch recipes become viewing staples.
You can invite your friends over for a pajama viewing party, and make a few dishes that reheat well such as frittatas, latkes, benedicts and cinnamon rolls.
Here are a few links for your viewing pleasure:
Official schedule, Games Chart, and the NBC viewing chart.

The Paleo Diet

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I recently catered two Paleo dinner parties for clients here in NYC. I had a good time diving into the rules and variations of the Paleo philosophy. It is always fun to create new menus and learn new techniques for recipe adaptations.
If you are curious about what a Paleo style dinner party can taste like, check out these menus and recipe for such dishes as Apple Galette here and Grilled Rack of Lamb and Chocolate mousse here.

My Cassoulet won 2nd Place! Here is how to make it!

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On Sunday January 12th I competed in Jimmy No43's annual cassoulet contest! I had a great time talking cassoulet, meeting the other chefs, and winning 2nd place! This was my second time making cassoulet ever - and I got really into it! Want to learn what I learned and make it the classic way? You can - here is my recipe all for you!
The New Yorker was there and loved it!
Here is a great recap of the event by one of the judges!, and The Village Voice

The Meatball Takedown


Come hang out with me, 25 other chefs and a lot of meatball enthusiasts on Sunday February 9th from 2-5 at the Bell House in Brooklyn! Tickets are $15 and selling fast!
This is a fun venue, with lots of rock, drinks and bragging! Gather your friends, buy a few tickets and come vote for me!

Will you call me "Brisket King"?


Brisket King

on Wednesday February 12th I am making brisket for the first time in front of 600-800 of my newest friends! The annual Brisket King competition features chefs from near and far, great beer, wine, spirits, Tito's vodka drinks and maybe some trash talking as chefs compete for the Brisket King title!
This event is a great way to spend a Wintery Wednesday while you watch a woman (ahem!) take the title!

Upcoming Events


There are several other tasting events where you can find me mingling and talking with other food producers such as Super bowl Sunday at Luca Bar, Edible Manhattan's Good Sprits, At Astor Center the Bacon and Bourbon expo, Social Tees Black Tie gala to Benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (you could win dinner created by me!)
You can always create your own event, and wow your friends with your social savvy! Email me with your dates and let's create a great dinner with awesome food and fun people!

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