The response to last week’s “3 Ways People Left Riba” was overwhelming, with people sharing touching stories from all over the world. Here are three s

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The response to last week’s “3 Ways People Left Riba” was overwhelming, with people sharing touching stories from all over the world. Here are three stories that stood out…

I left my bank job after qualifying as a chartered banker in Nigeria. I remember my discussion on a Friday with my Muslim banker friend about resigning in the next two months and trying to make him see reasons to do the same. By Wednesday, five days later, my friend lost his life in a car crash. Upon hearing the news, I had a flashback to our discussion five days earlier during which I said, “Death should not catch up with us in this kind of earning.” May God forgive my friend his sins, the ones committed knowingly and unknowingly.

Qasim Awe, Bookkeeper


I am a Chartered Certified Accountant and got qualified twelve years ago and joined the finance department of an international bank. After one year of service, the bank bought me a new full option Nissan Maxima, offered me a building loan, and my bonus was almost equal to my annual salary. After three years I was transferred to another country where I headed the finance department with a tenfold increase in my remuneration.

In that country my faith grew. At that point I realized that conventional banking, no matter your role, is haram. I made lots of research and was convinced I was dealing in riba and was never happy thereafter despite the good pay. I decided I was going to resign. I was then moved to another country in a bigger role with the prospect of grooming me for a regional role.

I started looking for a job. The first job I got was with a start-up company and my pay was less than 40% of my previous job. Except my wife, everyone I spoke to categorically or implicitly thought I was stupid. I must admit I have had flashes of that thought myself but often quickly realize I knew what I was doing. It took the bank three months to officially acknowledge my resignation.

I joined my new company, a construction company, and within a year the company closed down. I had my visa cancelled with the prospect of going back home to no job. It was hard but I kept reassuring myself that, whatever the case, I will not regret my choice of leaving the bank.

Two weeks later I got another job and currently I am working in a medical furniture manufacturing company looking after 4 group companies.

Abdallah, Finance Manager


I have been a banker for twenty years and been praying for a safe way out. I could not resign outright because of the loans loaded on me which I believed then that I could not pay back. I also did not have an alternative job. However, it is now obvious to me that these were all flimsy excuses borne out of inadequate faith. When God, Glorified and Exalted be He, wanted to help me, I lost my job for no reason overnight. As a result my loans were liquidated with my entitlements and I was left unemployed without a dime. By the grace of God, things have worked out and I am now richer and have more time for myself, God, and my family. I also realized that true peace of mind can never be attained while working with an interest based bank. I am now interest free and out of misery and slavery.

Muhammad Lawal Abdullahi, CEO, Abumel Multiconcepts

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