Last week was a rolling celebration of Earth Day. It was great to see so many of you at our booth in Union Square last Sunday, where people signed hun

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Last week was a rolling celebration of Earth Day. It was great to see so many of you at our booth in Union Square last Sunday, where people signed hundreds of postcards to their City Council reps, asking them to stand up against Port Ambrose. Monday night was an art build in Brooklyn and a community meeting on Long Island, both for Port Ambrose. Tuesday's rally at Cuomo's office was a theatrical "battle" between LNG and wind power (guess which won?). Wednesday, Earth Day, we played straight man in a remarkable improv performance at City College. And tonight, we're heading home from NECOS, the Northeast Climate Organizer's Summit in Northhampton, MA. Below: some shots from the rally. Thanks to Rude Mechanical Orchestra, the People's Puppets, Emcee Monica, Photographer Eric and everyone who came out and made it so joyous!

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Resos 549 and 576:

Now we turn our attention to two items before New York's City Council: both "Resos" (resolutions). Reso 549 is against Port Ambrose; number 576 is the anti-TPP (Trans-Pacific partnership) reso. Please come out and support both these important measures.

Your calls to City Council are Working!

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We're now up to 26 out of the 35 signers needed for a veto-proof majority on Resolution 549, asking Governor Cuomo to veto Port Ambrose!

Last week you called and emailed reps, asking them to sign on by Earth Day, and it worked! Two more council members signed on Wednesday: Chair of the Waterfronts Committee, Deborah Rose of Staten Island, and Chaim Deutsch, of Brooklyn, also a member of the Waterfronts committee. THANK YOU, COUNCIL MEMBERS!

This means that a majority (3 out of 5) members of the Waterfronts Committee are in favor of the reso (Queens member Paul Vallone and Manhattan rep, Daniel Garodnick have not yet decided) as well as ALL members of the Environmental Committee.

Please take some time tonight to write a few more emails, so they'll be in the Council's inbox first thing Monday morning. This takes only 9 minutes---just one minute each! Go team!

This week: Please contact these City Council Members:


Artist's rendering of one of the buoys that would offload liquefied gas from ships at Port Ambrose

Please personalize the sample note, below, when writing these Council Members:

1) Julissa Ferreras,
2) Jumaane Williams,
3) Ritchie Torres, (℅ Sindri McDonald)
4) David Greenfield,
5) Alan Maisel
6) Mark Weprin,
7) Inez Dickens,
8) Mathieu Eugene,
9) Speaker, Melissa Mark-Viverito

(Bonus points if you call too!)

Dear Council Member,
Last December, you voted to pass the landmark 80 x 50 initiative, a plan to reduce the city's greenhouse gases 80% by 2050. With that in mind, I urge you to join your 26 colleagues and sign onto City Council Resolution 549, sponsored by Environmental Committee Chair, Donovan Richards. The resolution asks Governor Cuomo to veto the Port Ambrose LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) facility, proposed off our Brooklyn and Queens shoreline.

LNG is a super-charged climate changer. As you may know, methane (natural gas) is 86 times worse for climate than carbon dioxide. LNG is 40% worse than that, due to the enormous carbon footprint required to liquefy it, ship it. and re-gasify it.

Port Ambrose would worsen sea level rise and super storms. We cannot afford to continue building fossil fuel infrastructure that will require city funds to fend off climate change. And Port Ambrose would prevent the construction of a 700MW wind farm (enough energy for 200,000 homes) that is predicted to create 17,000 long-term jobs.

Please let me know if you will sign on to Reso 549, and thank you for your attention to this issue!

Monday Morning Rally and Hearing Against TPP!


Join a rally and press conference, Monday, April 27, at 9:00 a.m. on the steps of City Hall (Inside City Hall Park) to publicize Resolution No. 576, introduced by Council Member Helen Rosenthal, declaring NYC a TPP-Free Zone and calling on Congress to oppose Fast Track and the TPP. Text of the resolution here. Photo ID needed for security.

The hearing on the resolution will follow at 10 a.m. across from City Hall at 250 Broadway (at Park Place) in the 16th Floor Committee Room. Photo ID needed for security. To testify at the hearing, prepare three minute statement.

Recent media to update you on the contentious battle over this disastrous trade deal:
The Hill; NY Times; Washington Post; Fox News

Thank you for your help!

Want to make sure Sane Energy Project has the resources we need to keep at it? Please help our efforts to stop fossil fuel infrastructure, such as Port Ambrose, with your tax-deductible donation. Even a $15 donation is a big help, and larger donations make a huge difference in what we are able to accomplish. Thanks a ton!

-Kim, Patrick & Clare

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