July 14th, 2014 Prayer is the most powerful option we have to affect change in the world. With this in mind please join us in praying for peace in Is

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July 14th, 2014


Prayer is the most powerful option we have to affect change in the world. With this in mind please join us in praying for peace in Israel.

Please pray for:

Those on both sides of the conflict to come to salvation in Jesus and that He, the Prince of Peace, would fill their hearts and govern their actions.
For protection over civilians on both sides of the borders.
That the conflict would not escalate.
For the Lord's will to prevail in the land of Israel.
Above all, for people to turn to Jesus and for revival throughout all the regions of Israel, the Gaza and West Bank.

Thank you for your prayers at this vulnerable time in Israel.


Most MPs were recently released to return to their constituencies for summer break, however, one group has remained in Ottawa. The Justice Committee has stayed to hear witnesses testifying both for and against the newly proposed prostitution legislation by Minister MacKay, Bill C-36. The committee is extending their session because they are racing against a legislative deadline set by the Supreme Court of Canada for December.

As shared with you previously, Bill C-36 is fashioned after the Nordic Model which focuses criminalizing the pimps, perpetuators and purchasers of sex rather than the sellers (prostitutes). It also provides funding for those wanting to leave the sex trade to be assisted. Nations in Europe who have adopted the model have reported great success and seen a drop in prostitution overall.

Our sources from Parliament have told us that it is important that we continue to contact the government and let them know we support this approach. We specifically need to contact the Justice Committee at this time. Our sources explained to us that they are listening to what Canadians are saying as they look closely at the bill in the committee phase.

Please join us in acting at this important phase for Bill C-36. Thank you.

Find out more:

Click here to read Huffington post article from July 6th
Click here to read CBC article from July 9th


1 - Please pray for the Justice Committee members. They are:

Chair: Mike Wallace
Vice-Chairs: Françoise Boivin and Irwin Cotler
Members: Dan Albas, Scott Armstrong, Blaine Calkins, Robert Goguen, Pierre Jacob, Hoang Mai, Wayne Marston, Kyle Seeback, David Wilks

2 - Please E-mail the Justice Committee members and tell them you support Bill C-36's approach.

mike.wallace@parl.gc.ca, Francoise.Boivin@parl.gc.ca, irwin.cotler@parl.gc.ca, Dan.Albas@parl.gc.ca, scott.armstrong@parl.gc.ca, blaine.calkins@parl.gc.ca, Robert.Goguen@parl.gc.ca, Pierre.Jacob@parl.gc.ca, Hoang.Mai@parl.gc.ca, wayne.marston@parl.gc.ca, Kyle.Seeback@parl.gc.ca, David.Wilks@parl.gc.ca

Following is a simple sample letter that you can use, or tailor.

Dear Members of the Justice Committee,

Thank you for your service to Canada.

I am aware that you are currently reviewing Bill C-36. I am writing to add my voice to those who are in support of the approach of this legislation which will criminalize the pimps and purchasers rather than the prostitutes. I am also in support of any efforts this bill will make to help prostitutes leave the profession.

Thank you for your time.


[ You name here. ]
[ Your address here. ]


Parliament has taken break for the summer. This means that our Members of Parliament are home!

This is a perfect time for you to book an appointment to meet your MP, thank them for their service and share with them about the issues you care about. Not only is it fun, but it is fruitful. We encourage you to go for it!

Click here to find out who your MP is and get their information.

Hot Topics You Can Talk To Your MP About:

Freedom of Religion.
Supporting the Prostitution legislation (Bill C-36).
Resisting Euthanasia.
Justin Trudeau's stance to disallow pro-life candidates in the Liberal Caucus.
....and anything else on your heart.

If you have any questions we would be happy to help.

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