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Chef Dawn s Fennel Salad

Chef Dawn's Quick and Easy Fennel Salad

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Chef Dawn s Fennel Salad

Chef Dawn's Quick and Easy Fennel Salad

Looking for an elegant side dish to whip up in under 5 minutes? Try Chef Dawn's favorite quick-and-easy side salad. Use fennel, cabbage, carrots, broccoli stalks, or any hard vegetables you choose. Shred with a mandolin, food processor, or vegetable peeler. You can even use pre-shredded vegetables. No need to chop or pull out those fancy culinary tips - just shred, toss, serve, and enjoy! We've even made a 1-minute video to show you how. Check out the recipe (and more) HERE.

Chef Kenzie Osborne Welcome Post

Chef Kenzie Osborne

You may have noticed some fantastic recipes, classes, and tips from our expanded AH Team lately. We want to officially introduce you to Chef Kenzie Osborne, the newest member of the AH Team! Chef Kenzie has been working with Dawn to create resources for the AH community since 2019. She specializes in adapting recipes for various dietary and lifestyle needs, and currently hosts our meal planning sessions. Since graduating from George Brown College, Kenzie has developed recipes for Team Canada athletes and the AH community. Read about Kenzie and register for her classes HERE.

One-on-one meal planning session

One-on-One Meal Planning Session

We're testing out a new offering and you can have it at a discounted rate until May 31! Schedule a one-on-one meal planning session with Chef Kenzie. During this session, Chef Kenzie will help you come up with strategies to use leftovers, build a meal plan, and tailor recipes to your individual dietary and lifestyle needs. After your session, you will receive 5 AH balanced meals tailored to suit your individual needs and preferences. Spots are going fast - only 10 remaining! Request a session - normally $125 USD (Special offer of $100 USD until May 31) Register HERE.

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Diets Varying in Carbohydrate Content Differentially Alter Brain Activity in Homeostatic and Reward Regions in Adults

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COVID-19 Deaths And Severe Illness Were Exacerbated By High Obesity Among Americans

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