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Zoom Meeting Recording

A special thank you to everyone that attended our monthly Zoom meeting this week. Visit our Zoom website page to view the recording, and to email our speakers with any additional questions.

Our next public Zoom is scheduled for Monday, October 4, from 7 to 8PM. Once again, we are privileged to announce that Jessica Abu-Hijleh, MSc, EMT-B, the National Citizens Corps Administrator of America’s Frontline Doctors, will be facilitating/moderating this meeting. More details to follow soon.

If you or a friend would like to attend, PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM. If you have already submitted this form for previous meetings, you do not need to do so again (you will receive an invitation a few days prior to each meeting).

Janet Aldrich

Janet Aldrich Update

Press Release by We the People

Following a dramatic 8-day, round-the-clock roller coaster ride of a battle, Janet Aldrich is happily home with family, and not in Lahey Hospital on a ventilator.

A team of friends, family, medical and legal professionals worked tirelessly to have Aldrich’s medical choices honored, and to have her released from the Lahey Hospital where she believed she was being discriminated against because of her healthcare choices, and thereby medically kidnapped.

Protestors gathered for days, and the hospital was inundated with calls after the #SaveJanet story became public. As a result, and unbeknownst to Janet or her family, the hospital listed her as private, which meant concerned callers were told there was no one there by that name. When pressed, they promptly hung up. Remarkably, this even happened several times to her own son, Lt. Col. Mark Aldrich, and her close friend and colleague John Abrahamsen, both of whom are Janet’s healthcare proxys!

This misrepresentation led callers to wrongfully believe that Janet was either released, or worse yet, had died, sparking rumors to that effect. A week ago, Mark was told that his mother only had 12 to 24 hours to live if she did not go on a ventilator. She held steadfast in her refusal to be put on a ventilator despite repeatedly being pressured to do so to survive, right up until the last night she was in the hospital.

The family first requested, and then sought an emergency injunction for, the option of treatment with the America’s Frontline Doctors protocol for COVID-19. But, a court order was not obtained and Lahey refused. See original article here.

Janet and her family are extremely grateful for all who united, overcame strings of obstacles, and negotiated solutions to get her home.

Thank you to everyone who helped and supported Janet through this ordeal. Here’s hoping this intrepid reporter’s face off with the grim reaper results in a miraculous recovery, and she is once again back on her omnipresent beat again!


You CAN help make a difference by writing letters. Considering inviting friends over for a letter writing party. It feels great to connect with others AND take action, so please join the fight to protect our rights!

On the Stand Up Massachusetts website, we have compiled and provided links for easy access to many letter templates and documents from Children's Health Defense, America's Frontline Doctors, Peggy Hall from The Healthy American, Health Rights MA, Stand Up Massachusetts members, and more for your convenience. READ MORE


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We are a concerned group of Western Massachusetts residents that care deeply about safeguarding our basic human, health, and parental rights. We invite you to stand up with us to ensure that our constitution is upheld and our God-given ​rights are forever protected. JOIN OUR MAILING LIST. Our mission is to provide you with useful educational resources and tools, share important news and events, inform you of the many luminaries and citizens that are making a difference, and show you how you can take action to take back and preserve our freedoms. There is power in numbers. Together we can awaken the sleeping lions.

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