June 2016 Newsletter Ah, June... Finally, local asparagus, and we say farewell to apples and pears, which give way to rhubarb and the first flush of

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June 2016 Newsletter

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Ah, June... Finally, local asparagus, and we say farewell to apples and pears, which give way to rhubarb and the first flush of plump, fragrant strawberries. Apricots and cherries start to roll forward, too, and soon, we'll have a cavalcade of peaches and nectarines to choose from.

I ended last month by turning in a manuscript for a book. I've been working on it for the last year, but the final weeks before you turn in a book is always a hustle to get it done, and make sure it's done right. I've been thinking about the book for months and months, and now it the time to get it all together into one cohesive book. (Well, hopefully!)

The critical last few weeks are when you find things you might want to add, or remove, or change, or revisit, or revise, before the book to be sent to your editor. Their job is to go through it and ask a zillion questions about every. little. detail. - down to each word, ingredient, verb tense, baking time, and semi-colon. I spent the month of May glued to the couch, below, "assuming the position" as I call it, with my laptop, notes, a pillow for my head (support is important..), and my favorite noise-canceling headsets, which blocked out distractions and the rest of the world, so I could concentrate.

(Another help was Freedom, which blocks social media or other websites that beckon. Writers, and anyone else who needs freedom from distractions, you can thank me in your acknowledgements.)

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So while I wait for the edits to land back in my life, I had one week off before I work some more recipes, getting back to cooking and baking, hitting the markets in Paris for apricots, cherries, strawberries, and other summer fruits that burst forth.

First up will be some Cherries in Red Wine Syrup. I love how the juicy little fruits soften and meld with the balmy red wine. For those who want to preserve the bounty, check out this super-simple No-Recipe Cherry Jam. And traditionalists can bake up a classic French Cherry Clafoutis.

I finally figured out to use Facebook Live for videos and I did two last month. One was with Matt Lewis of Baked in New York City, where we saw how they decorate those amazing cakes and I got to taste whatever I wanted from their showcase. (YAY!) I also joined my friend, chef Roberto Santibañez at his restaurant Fonda, where he showed me how to make a super-duper steak taco, and a margarita, which was a little more chaotic because it was happy hour at the bar, and the kitchen was just starting service. So it's definitely more "real."
: )

I'm excited to hopefully take a break this summer to do a road trip in France, definitely hitting some thrift shops in the French countryside - yup, because I don't have enough vintage French cookware and pottery. Let me know if you're looking for anything in particular, and I'll keep my eye out...


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Recent Favorite Posts from My Blog

Sable Breton French butter cookie recipe-13

Some recent recipes and posts on my blog...

-These crisp, salted butter Sablé bretons are a traditional treat from Brittany. (That's them, above...)

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-Fire up the grill with these Moroccan-spiced chicken kebabs!

-What do I bring back to France from America? You'll find out...

A bientôt! (See you soon!)
- dl

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