Bible Imprint RemorseSarahMae, 30 Jun 06:46 PM B.I.R. That’s what I had the other day, I had some B.I.R. Do you know what that is? First the story.


Bible Imprint Remorse
SarahMae, 30 Jun 06:46 PM


That’s what I had the other day, I had some B.I.R. Do you know what that is? First the story.

As many of you know I’ve been pitching my book, The Complicated Heart, to various publishers in the hopes that one of them would want to partner with me on the book. Well, one did (praises!).

And it turns out I’m going to be writing books and kids books and – this is the most thrilling part – writing a Bible Study! I know, I can’t believe it either.

Well, once I got the news about the books, and I let it sink in that I was going to be writing a Bible Study, I suddenly felt the need to get real serious about my Bible situation.

Confession: I’ve never read all of the OT prophets in the Bible.

I’ve read and studied all the rest of the Bible, several times, but those OT prophets, nope. I’ve read parts of them, and all of some of them, but never all of them. And since I’m being honest with you, I should also tell you that I’m on year three of my One-Year Bible.


I love the Bible and I love studying the Bible, and I love Jesus and am over the moon that He would allow me, gift me, the opportunity to be able to carefully take His word and steward it for the Kingdom. What an honor. What a responsibility.

So don’t you know I ran out to my local Lifeway and bought a new Bible. Which, by the way, my husband thinks is hysterical because I already have “40 Bibles” according to him. But I wanted a new Bible for this new thing God is doing. It’s remarkable and I’m still in awe that this girl with the rough edges, who came to know the Lord in college because of God’s gentle wooing, is now going to be leading women through the Scriptures. I don’t deserve it, and that’s why it’s so incredible. My husband, after I told him I was committed to reading through the prophets this summer, reminded me: “Sarah, God didn’t choose you because you’re an expert. He doesn’t pick the most qualified because then it’s by your own merit and for your glory. It’s about God and His glory and what He wants to do.

Amen. And Thank God because I am not worthy. But I am delighted.

I’m still going to read straight through from Isaiah (half-way done so far) to Malachi this summer. In my new Bible. Which brings me back again to B.I.R.

While at Lifeway I asked the kind folks there if they would imprint my Bible with my name. They gave me a list of colors to choose from, and I picked gold. They took my beautiful new Bible and returned it with a bright gold imprint of my name.

And you guys (Lord forgive me), I hated it.

I hated my new Bible. I felt so wrong for how I felt. You can’t hate a Bible. But it looked like it was from the 70’s, brown and gold, and it was just…ugly.

I had to pray about this because I was feeling pretty unholy for my response to my new Bible, that I paid a lot of money for and couldn’t return. I actually had the thought, “Maybe I could just throw this one out and get a new one.” No. No I cannot even justify that.

I know right now you’re questioning my ability to write Bible STudies. I get that. But you should know my studies are the messy beloved, complicated hearts of the Bible and such. I’m very qualified for this study, I assure. I’m messy, loved, and complicated.

Anyway, I was having some serious B.I.R., Bible Imprint Remorse. I asked God to help me love my Bible. I tried to pretend it was pretty and I hadn’t made a mistake.

Then I started Googling, “How do I fix my Bible imprint situation?” I became obsessed. Obviously, I have issues.

WD-40 was recommended. I was about to go get some when I thought, “Sarah, just call Lifeway and see what they recommend.”

I called them up, asked for the imprinting man, Gary, and told him, quite sheepishly, that I had Bible Imprint Remorse. And do you what Gary said? He said NO PROBLEM, I can fix it! Gary to the rescue! I took myself down to the store, gave Gary my Bible, and he took ALL the gold away! No more bright gold! No more 70’s look! Just a light, barely noticeable imprint of my name.

And now I love my Bible again. Well, the look of it. I’ve always loved my Bible.

What’s the moral of this story? Even the seemingly permanent can be made new. Also, God still uses those of us who are neurotic about the look of our Bibles. Praise be.

Heading my way soon – this Floral Bible Case! Isn’t it pretty?

Okay, spill it. Have you ever had any kind of Bible remorse situation? TELL ME ABOUT IT.

Love, SM

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