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Trial By Fire...


For many individuals, 2016 was a year of great cleansing. It may have been uncomfortable and, at times, nearly intolerable but you survived, did you not? The purpose was meaningful as 2016 was a year dedicated to cleansing the ego, pushing one towards higher energies. As we move into into lighter energies, one cannot carry with them the baggage the ego chooses to hold. For some, 2016 gave one a forceful yet gentle push. For others, it was a trial by fire, faced with a constant onslaught of your deepest fears until they were finally purged. Purposeful this was although painful it might have seemed, all was intended to clear the ego of energy that could not be supported in higher frequencies. We are now in the midst of global change and those on the front lines must be freed of lower energies in order to lead the charge into the future.

Gaia, the Matriarch


Gaia by Nature is a Matriarchal and Maternal energy. Earth and Her inhabitants are longing to flow in Her natural Feminine direction. However, for thousands of years, She has been churning backwards, in a negative and immature Masculine direction. We, the Nature, along with many humans and non humans have been working to "flip the poles." Meaning, we have been fighting the current of the Masculine energy to move Gaia towards Her true intended direction. This process is analogous to changing the direction of a whirlpool. When you think of how powerful a whirlpool is, you can easily understand how much collaborative effort it would take to completely alter the directionality. Nature aligns with Gaia, the Matriarch, the Divine Sophia, the Sacred Light. Our purpose is to assist in facilitating the release of these Feminine energies, stabilize Her effects and continue to forge ahead in the desired direction.

As the Collective continues to purge low density emotion and thought energy, the females, the women will continue to rise.The anger that is contained within the collective Female energy is now being given an outlet for release, let it come. Welcome it with open arms and embrace its surrender.

The Human Collective is awakening and just now beginning to hear their own voice. Energy is moving behind each sound and expression allowing change to be ushered in. Remember, we are enveloped in a process of evolution that is highlighted by events but it is a process nonetheless.

Quan Yin


2017 is going to be an auspicious year, one highlighted by powerful energy releases emanating from Gaia over the course of this current calendar year. We have entered the first wave (March 3-6), the second will come at the end of May, (around the 22-25), the third will come near the equinox in September and the last will come in the middle of December (12-14). The aforementioned energy waves will emanate from Quan Yin under the direction of Gaia.

Quan Yin is known by many names and has many attributes but for the purpose and focus of this message, Quan Yin is the embodiment of Mother Nature. She is a powerful and benevolent force of Feminine Energy and it is Her Energy that will begin to be released in specific waves over the course of this calendar year. Personally, I am overjoyed because Her energy will elevate us all to new levels of Joy, Health and Vitality. For many, their energy reserves of Joy and Vitality are running low but the influx of Quan Yin's energies will assist in refilling our energy coffers.

The effects of Quan Yin's energy releases will enable many long awaited, wonderful and revolutionary circumstances to surface. As Humanity begins to elevate, mind control devices will begin to deactivate, allowing the Collective to see through the disinformation that has been disseminated. This has already begun but it will continue to gain strength. As Humans awaken and their sight begins to permeate the veil, the injustices that have been plaguing this planet will also surface into the Collective Consciousness. Collaterally spurring humans to not only take notice but they will take action. It will take time for the energy to settle and stabilize and until it does, mass demonstrations will continue to occur which may seem disorganized and angry.

Humans are also awakening to the ineffectiveness of health care which is causing Medical and Pharmacological institutions to re-evalute current methodology, encouraging new and revolutionary ideas to surface. Most notably, finding ways to help the body heal itself rather than declaring war on all microorganisms and disease. Physicians that have been working in the shadows, healing people with great success, will now be able to share their knowledge without fear of retribution.

Empathy, intuition, compassion, healing, wisdom, knowledge and kindness have begun to permeate throughout the Gaia Collective. Energies that cannot be contained once they begin to move en masse.

Although energy waves are consistently bombarding the Earth, emanating from multiple places, Quan Yin's energy releases are unique in that Gaia is releasing Her energy which is specifically intended to elevate and support the evolution of this entire planet and beyond. What happens on Earth does not stay on Earth, it permeates into all of Creation.

The Waves of Change

Collectively, we have been moving and pushing against the negative current and it had been tremendously difficult to say the least. Although movement has been ongoing for decades, tangible change has been slow. Since 2012, a noticeable upswing has occurred and now a wave of the first calvary has arrived and that is Quan Yin. All aspects of the Divine Sophia will release their energies unto the Earth in specifically timed increments, all dependent upon the current energy state of both the Gaia Collective and the Cosmos. All must be in Divine Order to welcome the Sacred Light of the Divine Sophia with ease, fluidity and grace.

Historically, each of you participated in the waves of change that came whether in this lifetime or ones previous. However, each push forward was met by a powerful force that pushed the Gaia Collective back on Her heels. The first true energy push came with the invention of the telegraph which served electronically unite the Collective. The positive flow that the telegraph signaled was almost instantaneously neutralized by the Civil War. Again, in the early turn of the last century another push was attempted with the widespread use of the telephone and radio, only to be globally thwarted by the flu pandemic and WWI.

Nov07-Bk Rev-CGAR7

From the early 1930's up until the end of WWII and carrying on until present day, many other worldly entities threw their hats into the ring, lending power and fervor to both Light and dark. It was during these years that the illuminati and their desire for a New World Order were able become a more cohesive force and move out of the shadows, openly infiltrating all aspects of government; creating a global government network. A network that was supported by the technology that was spoon fed into our reality by other worldly forces. The radio was an important factor during this time.

Although the radio was invented in the late 1800's, it took many years for the technology to be honed and evolve into a useful and global telecommunication device. It wasn't until the early decades of the last century that radio signals permeated the globe. Not only did the radio disseminate information, entertainment and current events but it was also a powerful tool used for mind control. The messages sent over the airwaves encircled an ever growing audience and fed them with negative propaganda both overtly and subliminally.


Beginning in the 1950's, mind control was taken to a higher level with the widespread use of television which affected more aspects of the individual than did radio. With television, the recipient could be infected more quickly, more deeply and more powerfully.

I realize I am digressing but it has purpose. The aforementioned methods of mind control are now being breached by the human collective. Humans collectively are waking up and many now easily see through the illusion and we will not experience the catastrophic setbacks we have in the past. This in of itself is revolutionary. The flock is awakening, gathering together and invoking change. These actions should not be judged as they are a sign that change is occurring and change is what we desire.

When asked if I was pleased with the election of Donald Trump, I replied with a resounding, YES! Donald Trump being elected President of United States signifies that global change is occurring. He is forcing global government to move in a direction that it has not previously experienced, making those embedded in the Status Quo very uncomfortable. He is encouraging long standing negativity to surface which must be purged in order for the Collective to move forward. Donald Trump is merely one cog in our wheel of evolution.

We have asked for change, prayed for change, worked for change and now change is happening. I encourage you to refrain from judging or labeling what you see and hear and simply feel and listen with your Heart. Negative propaganda is still in force but can be neutralized by keeping your thought and emotional energy in higher frequency. Positivity, Love and Gratitude for All will continue to support our work to move Gaia and Her Collective into Her natural and intended state of being.

The Gaia Connection Healing Modality

The Gaia Connection is a revolutionary healing modality in that it supports fundamental change for the individual, whether human or animal. During a session a recalibration of all energy centers and systems takes place, supporting a strong connection to Mother Earth. This permits the release of long standing trauma, limiting beliefs, negative thought programming, and unwanted experiences. Assisting the client in moving forward, freed from the constraints of past limitations.

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Jean and I are immensely grateful that you welcome our messages and share our words. Without all of you, we would be without a voice, silent. Our Gratitude and Love extends to you All. Namaste...
Gaia, Quan Yin, Jack, Jean and the Watchers.