Stories, Tips and Resources   ||   Issue 3 April 2015 Dear Reader, Welcome to our third issue of Good Chi News. Another busy month - just delivered

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Stories, Tips and Resources   ||   Issue 3 April 2015

ChrisB thb

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our third issue of Good Chi News. Another busy month - just delivered 20 Chair Chi workshops for aged care residents and staff within a two week period and I'm well overdue for serious couch time. :)

Chris Bennett
Chris Chi

Remembering Jim


Jim always sat to the right of me at our fortnightly Chair Chi sessions at an aged care centre. He was always enthusiastic and occasionally nodded off to sleep for a few seconds but that was okay - most residents did that once in a while.

The last time I saw Jim he had just come out of hospital but he was determined to attend the Chair Chi session and he did. His foot was bandaged and for most of the session he nodded off to sleep.

A few days later I received an email telling me Jim had passed away. I was sad to hear he was gone but I do remember the two gifts he left me.

One was the gift of sharing stories in the limited time we had before a session - he was usually the first to arrive. And the other gift was his inspiring attitude which still resonates with me.

Not bad for someone 100 years old.

Live and Laugh with Dementia


Living and Laughing with Dementia is a very interesting book wriiten by Lee Fay Low, a dementia researcher.

Included in the book are:
* The caregiver's own mental rules
* Society's rules and expectations
* Relaxing mental rules

I particular like her quote 'the saying traditionally goes that it takes a village to bring up a child. I believe that it takes a village to care for an elder'.

Global Communities Coming Together Conference

ICONS icon-team

The International Association of Homes and Services for Ageing and Aged Community Services Australia are co-hosting the 11th bi-annual conference in Perth, Australia, August 31 - September 4, 2015.

Included in the conference are 'workshops on leadership and strategy, design, operations, care and services housing and research findings'.

Further details here.

Craigcare: Chair Chi Plus Pilot Study

This is the last week of our Chair Chi Plus pilot study at Craigcare Aged Care here in Melbourne, Australia.

Three more sessions with the volunteer resident group and we complete the planned 16 sessions, over 6 weeks.

As mentioned in the previous issue the purpose of the study was to:
1. Increase leg strength
2. Improve balance
3. Achieve a cardiovascular workout
4. Enhance emotional/psychological wellbeing

If you are interested in the final report of the study please email me and I will send you the results. There's no charge for the report.

Old Bones


I was inspired to write this poem when one of the residents, 92-years-old, mentioned 'old bones' in a Chair Chi session.

Old bones
young heart
old ways
new journeys
old thoughts
young thinking
old talk
new conversations

Upcoming Aged Care Chair Chi Training Workshops


Ideal for lifestyle staff, physiotherapists, carers, diversional therapists, volunteers and health trainers, this comprehensive training program teaches how to deliver Chair Chi sessions for low and high care residents in a safe and practical way.

Level One is on the first day and, for your convenience, Level Two is offered on the next day if you are interested.

Onsite training also available, please contact me for details.

Sale: June 1,2
Shepparton: June 15,16
Melbourne: June 22, 23
Brisbane August 17,18
Sydney: September 21,22
Adelaide: November 9,10

Further details and program schedule.

Book now for the early bird special price!