Greek Life Dates Filling Org Houses: No later than March 13th Panhell/IFC Nominations March 16 Recyclemania March 22nd: Greek Week! March 23rd Ele

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Greek Life Dates

have my back

Filling Org Houses: No later than March 13th

Panhell/IFC Nominations March 16

Recyclemania March 22nd: Greek Week!

March 23rd Elections
March 30th

Fall President’s Meeting: April 8th
April 1: Spring Calendar Meeting 7:30 pm in Bulldog

COAB April 6th 5 pm in Orton

Greek Awards April 1, 4 pm pm in Casa Loma

Order of Omega

Greek Awards Banquet

Submit nominations for your organization here.

Organization Awards

Organization of the Year (this will be announced at the CAB Awards)
Most Improved Chapter
Excellence in Fraternal Values
Excellence in Member Education
Excellence in Philanthropy
Excellence in Programming
Excellence in Risk Management
Excellence in Service
Excellence in Scholarship (Highest GPA Per Council and Per New Member Class)
Most Improved Scholarship

Individual Awards

The Apollo Award (Greek Man of the Year) (this will be announced at the CAB Awards)
The Aphrodite Award (Greek Woman of the Year) (this will be announced at the CAB Awards)
The Hyperion Award (Outstanding Faculty/Staff Advisor)
The Themis Award (Outstanding Patron/Patroness)
The Zeus Award (Outstanding Chapter President)
The Hephaestus Award (Outstanding Individual Community Service)
The Dionysus Award (Outstanding Greek Involvement)
The Poseidon Award (Outstanding University Involvement)
The Herakles Award (Outstanding New Member)
The Greek Pillar Award (Outstanding Fraternal Values)
The Athena Award (Outstanding Greek Scholar - GPA Awards)
The Hercules Award (Outstanding Greek Athlete)

All Greek Bonding

Known forever

Let's Celebrate the New Members from Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 with Cucas on the Frosh Quad March 16th at 9 pm.

Come to Greek Council following this to nominate someone special for Greek council!

Collect a Million

SO Board Apps Due Wed.

What is the Student Organizational Board?

The Student Organizational Board (SO Board) is an important part of leadership and self-governance for the over 120 active clubs and organizations on campus. It allows students to make decisions about whether organizational misconduct has occurred and what the appropriate response should be.

Board members receive training in April and are notified throughout the year when a board needs to convene. The role of the board is to hear both sides of the incident, ask questions to understand the details and implications of the matter before them, deliberate with one another, and reach a consensus decision.

Applications available now and due March 18th. Click Here to complete the Application.

Congrats New Members!

Spring 2015 Fraternity New Members Image
Spring 2015 Sorority New Members

Apply For Greek Council Positions

Purpose of Greek Council: The objective of Greek Council shall be to promote the best interests of sororities, fraternities, and of the University in establishing close cooperation between groups in matters of general interest and in matters of Greek activities. Additionally, Greek Council seeks to promote the five pillars of Greek Life amongst its members: academic achievement, community service, leadership, tradition (social excellence) and alumni relations.

Available Positions:

IFC President and Vice President

Panhell Vice President

Greek Council Historian

GAMMA Representatives

Community Service Chairs

Academic Chairs

PR Chairs

Recruitment Chairs

Alumni Chairs


Greek Leadership Image Sp 2015

Juniors and Sophomores

Starting to PLAN your Graduation events? Please note that Event Services is bogged down with multiple graduation requests throughout campus that week, so events at the Greek Houses April 13-18 will not be supported with tables, chairs or AV support. If you would like to RENT tables or Chairs, let Event Services know BEFORE April 1st.

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