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Book Tour Love, Philanthropy and Bubbly Delight

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The Shall We Wine Team

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As you may know, my book tour for Searching for Cloves and Lilies: The Wine Edition is in full swing!

The upcoming tour stop is NEXT WEEK - 8/15 at evolveHer, an inspiring, collaborative hub in Chicago. Curious to know which wine pairs with humor and heartbreak? Come discover the intersection of wine and poetry at this unique poetry reading and wine tasting!


For more info and to purchase your tickets click below:
8/15 Wine & Words with Regine Rousseau @ evolveHer

8/27 then kicks off my Rhymes & Wine Book Tour with City Winery! Join us for a sensorial journey through words, wine and rhythm. Audience members will be part of a rare wine pairing opportunity with me. This is a specially curated experience both unique and immersive, the poems acting as a canvas for paired wine and song selections which mimic the soulful complexity of the poetry itself. Each pairing collectively captures the variety of feelings amid all the triumphs, confessional vulnerabilities and hope channelled through my poetic subjects. I use my experience as a sommelier to create experiences that flood the senses with a combination of words that are truly unforgettable.

I’m so pumped up by all the positive energy and humbled by your kind words of encouragement in preparation for this tour. Hope to see you! Please share the news, and don't forget to invite your friends in these cities to join me on the tour, too!

Check out your local City Winery sites below to purchase your tickets directly:

Monday 8/27 - Chicago, IL
Tuesday 9/18 - Atlanta, GA
Monday 9/24 - New York, NY
Tuesday 9/25 - Boston, MA
Monday 10/15 - Washington, DC
Tuesday, 10/16 - Nashville, TN

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Catch a sneak peak of this poet & sommelier in her element!



So now you know my City Winery Book Tour is coming up, but have you seen the social media campaign I started for it called #PeopleOverProfit?

I’m teaming up with local charities in each city: $3 of each book sold at the City Winery Book Tour will be donated to a local charity in these cities: Chicago, Atlanta, NYC, Boston, DC and Nashville.

The charity will be determined by the people! Each person is invited to tag their favorite local charity to help us choose where the money should go.

(Chicago is decided. $3 from any book sold at the Chicago City Winery Book event will be donated to My Block, My Hood, My City, as this campaign is inspired by the philanthropy of Jahmal Cole.)



Here’s the background story on how Jahmal Cole inspired me to donate to My Block, My Hood, My City.

“I grew up in Chicago, a child of Haitian immigrants, lower middle class. Who was going to teach me about wine?”

I heard myself say this at a recent interview. The next day, I had the opportunity to hear Jahmal Cole, founder of My Block, My Hood, My City. He shared a story of meeting teenagers who lived in Chicago, but because of their address, lacked access to the city’s resources. He started an organization that takes at risk youths on field trips around the city. My Block, My Hood, My City’s mission is to “expose them (youths) to possibilities beyond their communities”.

I’ve been thinking about access for the past few days. I’ve been reflecting on how having access is the key to dreaming and goal setting. You can’t dream about what you don’t know. You can’t set a goal towards something you don’t know exists. Working in the wine and spirits industry has opened doors for me. I’ve traveled to places which were not on my bucket list. I’ve sat at tables, not meant for anyone who looks like me. I’ve had the attention of people who, if not for my knowledge of wine, would not have wanted to hear anything that I had to say. Some of them now pay me for that knowledge.

While listening to Jahmal I had a what-can-I-do-moment. What do I have to give? How can I provide access to the children that he serves? No, I’m not going to offer them lessons in wine (wait till they turn 21) but of course, wine is the answer. It’s always the answer. Wine gave me access, and I will use my wine book to provide access.


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It’s not a surprise I love a great bubbly, right? A glass of quality Champagne is an uplifting hug after a long day in wine form, but realistically the expense for those glasses of hugs isn’t always practical. Enter Cava. There’s a slew of lovely everyday-type Cavas on the market, this Mestres Cava “1312” Brut Reserva leans more toward the “special” squad within the Spanish category, in terms of both quality and price point. Fine, seductive bubbles and exhibits a slight toastiness reminiscent of what I like in Champagne. I was first introduced to “1312” when a friend brought it to one of my BYO dinner events. Not only is it a snazzy expression of vibrant Cava, but I think it’s really cool Mestres registered the term “Cava” before any other producer and has a history that can be traced as far back as 1312 to its early beginnings as a wine négociant (hence the name). Wow!


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Chilling wine Road Runner fast doesn’t need to be stressful! Sure, it might be an exercise of its own if you’re caught at the last minute, running around, trying to prepare for something unexpectedly. So if you need a wine to swiftly go from room temperature to servable in a snap, check out this video for my quick wine chilling tips!




Where to Find Shall We Wine

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Sounds like a fun gig? We are hiring wine and spirit enthusiasts. Send your resume to and follow the link (in photo) to apply.

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