In this edition Spring- Feel that Bounce in your Step Australia and Thailand 30 Days of EFT Benefits My Professional Change of Direction Quick wo


In this edition

Spring- Feel that Bounce in your Step
Australia and Thailand
30 Days of EFT Benefits
My Professional Change of Direction
Quick word about my New Programme
Top Tip: Gut Instinct

Spring: Feel that Bounce in your Step!

I love Spring it's so full of promise; everything growing, fresh, new and full of possibility.
On Easter Sunday I took the opportunity to have a good old prowl round the garden. I'd finished preparing for our family meal and was waiting for my son and daughter-in-law to arrive. They are expecting their first child in August, my first grand-child- so exciting times!
I hope you feel enthused at this time of year; it can be the catalyst for a fresh start. New energy all round. Do try and catch some of it.

Australia and Thailand

Herb and I had a wonderful holiday recently.
If you want to read a short blog about our time in Australia and Thailand click here.

30 Days of EFT Benefits

For 30 days on my Facebook Business Page I am posting different emotional or stressful conditions which benefit from treatment with EFT. Results are amazing for each of the areas mentioned; truly transformational. I am only giving a soupçon of information at present. When I am finished I will have added valuable padding and have it as a free EBook, sharing information that this therapy has life changing opportunities.

Please can you like my FaceBook page. I would be very pleased :

My Professional Change of Direction

I am making changes to my Marketing group, my niche market if you like.

I have skills that can help people overcome harsh emotionally challenging aspects of life. I have walked the walk.
But I believe that my niche market does not respond to my message or actively seek out my skills. Many people who suffer big life trauma, either get on with it themselves ( I did to be honest) or never seem ready to work with their pain, their obstacles. I know I can help those struggling with divorce, death, alcoholics, depressives but it is not serving me.

Life is for living and I value working with those who are ready to up their game, sort themselves out, be a new person. I am a teacher at heart and I want to coach/teach/ guide those who have that energy to make that change.
Therefore my message will be adapted to be more appealing to those ready for change, ready to do the work. I will of course be available for those in that dark place where fear can rule or where safety is a place of comfort.
So for those ready to move on I am here to hold that space while confidence grows and work is done.

New programme: Ready for release soon

I am thrilled that my new programme is almost ready! It tackles procrastination, self doubt and stops you keeping yourself small. Through self-discovery and self analysis, supported and guided find out the Who, What or Why you are still not fulfilling plans, ambition, dreams.
It is for those who think their plans and dreams are small and for those who think their plans and dreams are massive. If you're not going anywhere with them it's time to sort out CONFIDENCE.

I thought I was ready to launch in March but the final touches- the pretty stuff - takes longer than you think.

I will send an email when it's launched and PLEASE pass the information on to others who might benefit.

I will be running another Workshop around the programme in May, details will follow.

Top Tips around Gut Instinct

When your gut tells you that something is not right, is not working, how long should it take before you start listening.
In my opinion:

*Act sooner rather than later (people waste years!)
* Don't waste precious time.(not everyone gets 80 odd years)
* Believe that gut instinct is a useful clue to your decision making (ignoring it is often folly)

And if you are reading this far - Bramble Video

I am indulging myself by sharing this little video I took of my cat Bramble after he stole my neighbour fish ( 'his prize specimen' quote)

WIshing you a gorgeous Spring. It is glorious today, hottest day I'm thinking and I'm off for my Wednesday golf.

Susan x

My book 'Survive and Thrive after Trauma' is now available on Kindle.

I have a Home Study Programme supporting those recovering from divorce and relationship challenges: 'It's Time to MOVE ON'.
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