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Broad Opportunities


Voice Analytics for Sales Development Reps.

Today sales development representatives remain the life and blood of many companies. Converting a lead to an opportunity can require skills that go beyond having a great product. A platform that gives you feedback during a sales call on speaking styles, cadence and other behavioral patterns could really impact a companies' bottom line. I have had a few interactions with reps. from companies that focused on customer experience and it was one of the main reasons I've remained a loyal customer. Cogito is an example of a company doing Voice Analytics.


Start up Idea: Stand Out!

Value proposition: Cut 2 weeks off the time to fill every single role. There are more than 3 billion job listings online. As a company, standing out could make all of the difference to your business. According to Dr. Paul D. Reynolds of the Global Entrepreneurship Center about 100 million new firms are started each year (and this is an approximation).Startups are launched every second and they need talent. A solution here is to provide a service that provides clear and inviting job descriptions to prospects. Charge a monthly fee for writing, support and maintenance. If your helping people achieve results the sky's the limit. Textio has taken this one step further by analyzing the performance of listings and providing real-time guidance on how to improve.

Companies and Assets for Sale


B2B Real Time Data Validation Service E-Comm.

Fraud costs online retailers an estimated $1.3 billion last year and this trend will likely continue. We're featuring a real-time data validation service that confirms the connect status of a phone number. They've developed a technology that actually silently touches the phone number to verify if the number is connected, disconnected or busy in real-time. Wherever a phone number is stored or collected there's opportunity; government, marketing, sales, and lead generation services, large corps. political campaigns, opinion polling etc. Established in 2012 with 3 employees the gross revenue is $492,147, net profit is $199,431 and the asking price is $1.5 million.

Subscription Box E-commerce Vegan Products

Niche subscription box companies are going strong. We came across a subscription box vegan company that's had steady growth with over 5,000 paying customers. MRR churn rate is at about 6% over the last year. Owner involvement is minimal. Over the last year gross earnings were over 1.8 million dollars with a net profit of $410,000. Asking price is $1.67 million. Whether it's gluten free snacks, raw chocolate you're bound to make healthy profits in the niche.

Trade Seven is a 1 year old site bring in approximately $3,655 per month. It sells financial service products that allow traders to achieve success in Binary Options, Forex, Stocks and Futures.


Domains and Assets for Sale


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