Announcing The 2014 Dr Ambedkar International Award to Buddha Maitreya & Mandarava Tara & International India Dharshan this October Buddha Maitreya a

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Announcing The 2014 Dr Ambedkar International Award to Buddha Maitreya & Mandarava Tara & International India Dharshan this October

Buddha Maitreya Mandarava Tara aprov 5E

Buddha Maitreya the Christ and Mandarava Tara offer weekly OM Pyramid Meditations live online or in person from the Central Teaching Pyramid at Buddha Maitreya's Shambhala Monastery in Northern California

Buddha Maitreya and his wife, Mandarava Tara have been jointly chosen as recipents for this year's prestigious Dr Ambedkar International Buddhist Award to be presented in Nagpur, India this October.

The award celebrates and recognizes the work of eminent personalities in the world who have worked ceaselessly to further world peace through practicing dharmic activities and spreading the teachings of Buddhism for the collective betterment of humanity.

Previously Honored Recipients of the Award

17th karmapa trinaley thaye dorje honored by sakya

In 2011, the Award was presented to H.H. The 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje

hh with award art 2013april04

In 2013, the Award was presented to H.H. Kyabgon Chetsang the 37th throneholder of the Drikung Kagyu lineage


In 2012, the Award was presented to Ven. Dhammananda Bhikkuni - the first Thai woman to receive full ordination as a Theravada nun in Dharmaguptaka ordination lineage (the only temple in Thailand where there are fully ordained nuns)

Every year, the selection committee of the Jeewak Welfare Society and Ashwaghosh Buddhists Foundation of Nagpur, India selects an international recipient (this year being a joint award) to celebrate their work and contribution to furthering Buddhism through awarding them the Dr Ambedkar International Award (also known previously as the Sakyamuni Buddha International Award).

Dr Ambedkar was an eminent Indian Buddhist and father of the Indian Constitution. The first Law Minister of India, he converted 500,000 Hindu people to Buddhism on October 14, 1956 in Nagpur at the holy place known as Deeksha Bhoomi.

Young Ambedkar

Dr Ambedkar as a young man - a revivalist for Buddhism in India, he inspired the modern Buddhist movement, campaigning against social discrimination and the Indian caste system

800px-Diksha Bhumi

Deeksha Bhoomi in Nagpur, a city located at the geographical center of India, is the biggest Stupa in Asia and a pilgrimage center of Buddhism in India. Millions of pilgrims visit Deeksha Bhoomi every year, especially on 14th October, the memorial day when Dr Ambedkar converted to Buddhism here. Deeksha literally means 'act of ordaining', Bhoomi means the 'ground'. So, literally, Deeksha Bhoomi means the ground where people got ordained as Buddhist. This religious mass conversion at one place was the first ever in history.

Apply to Attend this Auspicious International Pilgrimage Dharshan to India this October 2014

Buddha Maitreya and Mandarava Tara would like to make it possible for a small select group of students to join them for this once in a lifetime opportunity to accompany them on this auspicious pilgrimage to India this October.

You will get to be present as honored guests to witness the Dr Ambedkar International Award Ceremony for Buddha Maitreya and Mandarava Tara in Nagpur with the group arriving in Nagpur in October 16th and departing October 20th.

In addition, we are currently making arrangements to include other sacred pilgrimage sites in India that have a relationship with Buddha Maitreya the Christ's dharma activities in this and his previous lives.

This may include the many Khamtsen Colleges that Buddha Maitreya has been enthroned at and is responsible for at Drepung Buddhist University in Mungod, India and the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid, the world's largest meditation pyramid which Buddha Maitreya has helped overshadow in Pyramid Valley, Bangalore - furthering simple pyramid meditation as a worldwide spiritual practice of harmlessness and soulful awakening.


Buddha Maitreya the Christ accompanied by Mandarava Tara teaching the monks of Nyagre Khamtsen, Drepung Buddhist University, India in 2001

maitreya buddha pyramid

The Maitreya Buddha Pyramid in Bangalore - "The Pyramid is a very divine, sacred geometric design. As a human being, even as a tree or a flower, everything is based upon this design, its the nature of God" Buddha Maitreya the Christ

Attending an International Pilgrimage Dharshan, involves pilgrimage to some of the most sacred sites on the planet and elevates the spiritual energy of the participant in many ways that are life-changing.

If you are interested in attending, please let us know as soon as possible and by no later than Friday, May 9th as space is limited. There will be a Dharshan Offering for attending in addition to travel and accommodation expenses.

Call Today 1-877-444-7685 * UK/Europe +44 (0)1458 898221 or email us at

Dharshan 2013 12 21-063

Experience a Dharshan from Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Shambhala Teaching Pyramid, one of seven 40ft Pyramids that comprise a six-pointed star forming The Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Monastery & Planetary Healing Center Retreat - The Avatar's Ashram in beautiful, sacred Lake County, Northern California

Life-changing Experiences of International Dharshans

IMG 0286

Nepal 2012 International Dharshan Student Group after Buddha Maitreya and Mandarava Tara's Welcome Ceremony and arrival in Kathmandu

"When I went to Padmasambhava's Temple (I do not know exact name of this temple) I went in there to make some pictures and basically to look around. When I sat down and closed my eyes my eyes suddenly started tearing and to my surprise I started weeping. Was I really weeping? It felt like it was my soul weeping because I had no reason to weep in this unknown to me place and in front of people looking curiously at me. The emotion was so strong that I could not stop crying I did not even want to stop because I was too curious what was happening to me. All I heard in my head was "I am finally back I am finally here I found you." and I would repeatedly say in my mind Padmasambhava's name. I doubt that I knew at that time that Buddha Maitreya was Padmasambhava. I did not want to leave this temple but our guide was leaving and so was everyone else so I followed. We also visited Padmasambhava's cave. "Very creepy and dirty cave" I thought at first. My opinion has changed the moment I closed my eyes to meditate. Again this strange energy of "longing" came over me. My eyes started tearing and I noticed that I was not the only one crying in there. We stayed there very shortly and I wanted to stay there for a long time to understand why I was feeling what I was feeling. I realized that I was in Nepal in my previous life or even lives and loved my teacher Padmasambhava. " Extract of a testimonial from Elwira Strzalkowski of an International Pilgrimage Dharshan with Buddha Maitreya

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