We all hope that our friends in Indonesia could enjoy a festive Hari Raya Idul Fitri with their loved ones at the end of Ramadan despite these challenging times. Let us hope that life will become more normal in the near future.

How is the village coping?

Needless to say that the village is also affected by the Corona crisis. Our fieldworker Titi, who lives in Bandung and cannot travel to the village now, is in contact with people in the village. Titi has let us know that there have been no reports of people infected by Covid-19. That is very fortunate. Working in the fields can continue. Hygienic and preventive measures (disinfecting, washing of hands, face masks, body temperature checks, monitoring) are in place. However, the community is severely hit by the crisis. Many inhabitants who work in factories in the area have been laid off. Public transport drivers can only transport half the number of passengers as usual and have seen their incomes drop. Food vendors have lost income because the schools are closed and farmers find it hard to distribute their products because the nearby towns are in lock down. Families in need are helped by the local authorities and receive cash and food packages.
If all goes well schools will reopen in July. Titi also hopes to be able to visit the village then and assist with the new selection of SaS students. In our next Newsletter we will let you know about these developments, hopefully with some more positive news.

Recent photos of the village

S2020 mei dorp desinfectie2

Disinfecting the school.

S2020 mei dorp tempmeten2

Checking and monitoring. The village has eight neigbourhoods.

2020 mei dorp tempmeten

Each neighbourhood has ten volunteers to assist with the Corona measures.

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S2020 mei jeugd7

Village youth enjoying sporting activities during Ramadan, the fasting month, in May. Volleyball is very popular among the girls, although there are some boys teams too.

S2020 mei dorp coronatijd maaltijden8

Preparing and distributing meals to the needy for the evening, after fasting.

2020 mei dorp coronatijd maaltijden4
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Java Village started a Facebook campaign to raise money for the learning centre in the village. € 1255 was raised within a month, from 25 generous donors. Thank you so much sponsors of the learning centre!

These are the sponsors:
Aad Tibben, Elsbeth van Beem-van Goeverden, Saskia Ras, Han van Goeverden, Trudeke Vuijk, G. van de Klashorst, Ludolphine Grijns, Yessi Sri Utami, Els Bolle-Fock, Hans Kleijn, Emma Lipasti, Ruairi Timpeallachta, Izzet Ursan, Katja Dold, Els M. Kocken, Bart Barendregt, Barbara Purba Brouwer, Rob Dumas, Ratna Saptari, Yolanda de Graaf, Jaap and Liv Jorunn van der Toorn, Wiwi Tjiook, Chris Grijns with her meditationgroup Nieuwendammerdijk, Karin Brakel, Aafke Boorsma.

Java Village is supporting young people in the village who want to be able to meet, to discuss and to learn from each other. The Chisago Learning Centre is a local initiative. It aims to strengthen the self-reliance and confidence of village adolescents. They are trying to realise a workspace with internet and a digital library to further their education. This will also give drop-outs from secondary school, who had to stop their education to find a job and/or to get married, a second chance. The Corona virus has recently been detected in the city down below in the valley, so it's extra important to share the right information with the Chisago youth community too.

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