Springtime - a season of great potential Hello lovely readers I cannot believe it is almost April! We have been very busy with life rather than busin


Springtime - a season of great potential

Hello lovely readers I cannot believe it is almost April! We have been very busy with life rather than business so a fair amount of catch-up is going on. I find it very interesting that when I am motivated to do something- it is easy - it gets done; when I lack motivation over a supposedly important task, then the difference in energy is very pronounced.
Life is much more agreeable when we have positive and contented feelings, but it is not something which can be forced; we can't lie to our body.
Secret tip: do what gives you pleasure and satisfaction as much as possible! Stuff which depletes your energy either
* do it as fast as you can
* forget it if at all possible

Back from France

Look at these beautiful boys.
We have just returned from a week in Provence, trying to be useful. I have to share this picture of the gorgeous Ginger Boys who made the stay most enjoyable (until they ate the dinner one evening!)
Herb's mother is still running the family gite in Provence. Quite an exquisite location with a stunning view of Mont Ventoux.Do have a look at the information. Please pass it on to friends!


POWER to grow

Workshop in April

I am running a workshop titled ' Dust yourself off and start all over again'
Saturday April 26th 2014. 10am - 4pm
It is based on my online programme 'Recharge Your POWER' aimed at those dealing with emotional challenges whether
1. Divorcing or having relationship difficulties - OR
2. Those just wanting that fresh start with new direction plus an increase of confidence mixed with a good pinch of self-worth
For more information please click here
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The Vibrational Scale: where do you vibrate?

I love working with the Emotional (Vibrational) Scale. New clients are asked to place themselves on the scale and after our work together is completed I ask them to place themselves once more on the Scale. Bright, cheery faces are usually smiling at me!
When a client moves up a level the ripple effect is amazing because it touches a huge number of people; not just immediate friends, family, work colleagues, it ripples out and beyond.
Think about it for a moment please on a smaller scale
* when you are in a good mood it can only be felt positively by those around you
* when you are in a bad mood or feeling angry the opposite effect is rippled out and the same people feel that too.
So where are you?!
Where are you on the scale?

Top Tip for a happier you

'When your naughty head voice starts playing up; place your hand on your heart and remember that your heart voice is young, free and wants to soar'.

I wrote this little tip on my Facebook Business page recently and have written a very short blog around it.

Enjoy Spring it's a wonderful season- full of expectation, strength and potential

Be bold and strong and believe that you deserve the good things which are coming your way! (then make certain you enjoy them!)


My book 'Survive and Thrive after Trauma' is now available on Kindle.
Informative and shared insights on how we deal with emotional trauma.

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