Our Administration Head with Navneet

The ache for home lives in all of us!

Our 95th Family Reunion

In 2017, seventeen-year-old Navneet went missing from his home in Vellore. How he landed up in Kerala is anyone’s guess but he was rescued by a home there. Finding him conversing only in Tamil, the home sent him to Sri Arunodayam in 2018 via the Child Welfare Committee (CWC).

While Navneet continued his education and other rehabilitation therapies with us, we continued the search for his family. What finally set the wheels in motion this year was when our application for an Aadhar card for Navneet was rejected. We came to understand that he already had an Aadhar identity, and we filed a petition to access it. That’s how we got his home address and immediately contacted the nearest police station in Walajapet, Vellore. The policeman clarified that Navneet’s father, a daily wage earner, had filed a missing person report in 2017 and that the family was still distraught over his disappearance. Overjoyed to now hear that Navneet was safe, the family rushed to pick him up on the 16th of this month along with the police officer. Navneet has two siblings and is the only one with intellectual disabilities. This happy reunion made our day!

Not all children at Sri Arunodayam have been abandoned. Some of them just went missing from their homes and fortunately landed up in our care. It gives us great joy to be able to crack a case and get a child back into the waiting arms of its parents - because the ache for home does live in all of us, one way or another!


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Sri Arunodayam is a secular organization with zero tolerance for discrimination against children regardless of religion, caste, race, ethnicity, disability or gender.


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