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We are delighted to announce the publication of Volume 7, Number 1 of the Journal of Huntington’s Disease (JHD).

In this issue, the second instalment of the Huntington's Disease (HD) Clinical Trials Corner is published. This section was introduced into the journal last year, and we are gratified that the inaugural article was the most viewed JHD article during the October 2017 period, and was one of the top ten most-viewed articles of 2017. We interpret this as evidence of a desire in our community for well-curated and comprehensive information about clinical trials in HD. Drs Wild and Rodrigues have done a wonderful job preparing this new JHD feature and have succeeded in presenting this very complex information in an accessible format. The Clinical Trials Corner will be a recurring, open access feature in JHD. The current issue's article includes a summary table listing the trials discussed in detail in the previous edition, and which will be updated in each successive Corner. We trust that our readers will continue to find this exciting new feature of JHD useful and informative.

This issue also contains one open acess review article. The full contents of this issue can be accessed from the list below.

Kind regards,

Blair R. Leavitt, MD, CM
The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Leslie M. Thompson, PhD
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA, USA


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Review Article
Pridopidine: Overview of Pharmacology and Rationale for its Use in Huntington’s DiseaseOpen Access
Waters, Susanna | Tedroff, Joakim | Ponten, Henrik | Klamer, Daniel | Sonesson, Clas | Waters, Nicholas

Research Articles
HttQ111/+ Huntington’s Disease Knock-in Mice Exhibit Brain Region-Specific Morphological Changes and Synaptic Dysfunction
Kovalenko, Marina | Milnerwood, Austen | Giordano, James | St. Claire, Jason | Guide, Jolene R. | Stromberg, Mary | Gillis, Tammy | Sapp, Ellen | DiFiglia, Marian | MacDonald, Marcy E. | Carroll, Jeffrey B. | Lee, Jong-Min | Tappan, Susan | Raymond, Lynn | Wheeler, Vanessa C.

Inhibition of TRPC1-Dependent Store-Operated Calcium Entry Improves Synaptic Stability and Motor Performance in a Mouse Model of Huntington’s Disease
Wu, Jun | Ryskamp, Daniel | Birnbaumer, Lutz | Bezprozvanny, Ilya

A Genetic Study of Psychosis in Huntington’s Disease: Evidence for the Involvement of Glutamate Signaling Pathways
Tsuang, Debby W. | Greenwood, Tiffany A. | Jayadev, Suman | Davis, Marie | Shutes-David, Andrew | Bird, Thomas D.

Early Neurodegeneration in R6/2 Mice Carrying the Huntington’s Disease Mutation with a Super-Expanded CAG Repeat, Despite Normal Lifespan
Kielar, Catherine | Jennifer Morton, A.

Age at Death and Causes of Death in Patients with Huntington Disease in Norway in 1986–2015
Solberg, Olga Karin | Filkuková, Petra | Frich, Jan C. | Feragen, Kristin J. Billaud

Huntington's Disease Clinical Trials Corner: February 2018Open Access
Rodrigues, Filipe B. | Wild, Edward J.

Upcoming Meetings Related to Huntington’s DiseaseOpenly Available


Most Read JHD Articles in January 2018

Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarkers for Huntington’s DiseaseOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.5, Iss.1, 2016)
Byrne, Lauren M. | Wild, Edward J.

Modulating Neurotrophin Receptor Signaling as a Therapeutic Strategy for Huntington’s DiseaseOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.6, Iss.4, 2017)
Simmons, Danielle A.

Clinical Trials Corner: September 2017Open Access (Article in Vol.6, Iss.3, 2017)
Rodrigues, Filipe B. | Wild, Edward J.

Aquatherapy for Neurodegenerative DisordersOpen Access (Review Article in Vol.3, Iss.1, 2014)
Plecash, Alyson R. | Leavitt, Blair R.

Physical Therapy and Exercise Interventions in Huntington’s Disease: A Mixed Methods Systematic ReviewOpen Access (Research Article in Vol.6, Iss.3, 2017)
Fritz, Nora E. | Rao, Ashwini K. | Kegelmeyer, Deb | Kloos, Anne | Busse, Monica | Hartel, Lynda | Carrier, Judith | Quinn, Lori


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