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There's only one thing better than a wonderful story by an author you love...

Seven wonderful stories by seven authors you love! And so, I'm delighted to announce the release of FORBIDDEN KISSES!

This 7-author set of oh-so-romantic tales is perfect for the season of love.

In this beautiful new collection, you'll meet bold and dashing heroes, proud and passionate heroines, and you'll find romance guaranteed to make you believe in the power and magic of love.

So go ahead and follow your heart.

Join our lads and lassies on the grandest adventures! Let them sweep you across the pages to their happy-ever-afters. Be as bold and brave, treat yourself.

Indulge in...


This 99c boxset includes seven romances by seven of your favorite USA Today bestselling and award-winning historical romance authors...


If you love Highlanders, times of yore, and passionate romance, this collection is for you...


Her Gallant Knight ~ Catherine Kean

Patrick ~ Cathy MacRae

Sweet Taste of Love ~ Anna Markland

Under a Silver Moon ~ Hildie McQueen

A Knight Amid Thorns ~ Laurel O’Donnell

The Duke Next Door ~ Meara Platt

The Taming of Mairi MacKenzie ~ Sue-Ellen Welfonder

FORBIDDEN KISSES is 99c or FREE with Kindle Unlimited

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This is a time-limited offer so grab your copy while it lasts!


Sharing the Love...

Anyone familiar with the romance genre (or any genre?) has surely heard the phrase 'paying it forward' aka giving back. In a business that can be brutally hard and heartbreaking, it is important to remember the light and goodness. The many times and ways fellow authors have extended a hand, opened a door, offered advice, rendered a shoulder, or more simply said, was there for you.

In my own 20+ years as a published author, I have been so blessed by the love and support of a great many truly wonderful writing friends. Of course, once or twice, I've been scorched. But those unpleasant associations were rare and pale in the light of all the amazing writers I am so grateful to call friends.

And so I want to use my newsletter to 'give back' to fellow authors I love by recommending their books.

After all, there is no such thing as too many great books!

In that spirit, here are three authors I love as friends and treasure as go-to writers. The books noted are ones I have personally read and enjoyed as pleasure reading treats.

That said, I recommend anything these authors write. Authors in first-name alphabetical order...

C. F. Francis ~ Sanctuary Island (Book 1 - The James Gang Series)

This book launches an amazing romantic suspense series set on Sanibel Island in southwest Florida. I know, I know ... my own stomping grounds. And like me, C. F. Francis is a Florida native and she knows the tropics. She writes Florida so well that I find myself almost shouting, "Yes! That's Florida!" as I read her books.

Of course, her hero and heroine heat up the pages just as much as her descriptions of Florida. The adventure and danger is also off the charts and is guaranteed to keep you turning the pages.

I love Sanctuary Island so much and am sure you will, too. Especially now after such a long and hard winter. Those aching for balmy breezes and swaying palms need only read a few lines and you are there. And if you don't fall for hero Colt, we need to talk!

Grab Sanctuary Island here and find an amazing author/series to love.


Lisette Brodey ~ Hotel Obscure: A Collection of Short Stories

Wise souls know that writers should read outside their genre. Doing so opens our hearts and minds and many times takes us on a more enjoyable reading journey because we can 'lose ourselves easier' in a story world so different from the one we work in.

Lisette's Hotel Obscure falls into that category. I'm not quite sure how to describe the tales (quick, easy reads) so I will say this collection of short stories is like a delightful blend of Ray Bradbury, Roald Dahl, and a dash of the Twilight Zone.

Each story engages from the first line, draws you in, and surprises with twists you never saw coming. Endings so perfect you immediately start the next story because the ones before were so very good.

Of course, Lisette writes other genres and full-length novels, all wonderful. But today I'm all about Hotel Obscure because it is just so unique and sometimes it is also good to have a fast and satisfying read!

Drop in at Hotel Obscure here. Then go find Lisette's other books - you'll want them. Guaranteed!


Veronica Cline Barton ~ The Crown for Castlewood Manor (Book 1 ~ My American Almost-Royal Cousin Series)

Calling all Anglophiles! You will love this book! Oh. My. Gosh. Yes, yes, yes! OK, gushing aside...

If you would dearly love to be in England and can't afford the plane fare, no bother. Veronica has you covered. Just snap up The Crown for Castlewood Manor and there you go. You'll be whisked away to Merry Olde before you can pour a fine cuppa.

Better yet, this cozy mystery's heroine is an American and so her feelings and adventures upon finding herself in the oh-so-British country manor estate of her ancestors will really resonate. Seriously, if you're into England, castles, quaint little villages, dashing heroes, excitement ala BBC's many delightful murder mysteries, Veronica's The Crown for Castlewood Manor is your dream.

Really, I promise.

So treat yourself, pick up The Crown for Castlewood Manor here. Then settle in to enjoy - you will also love knowing this book launches a series, so there's a lot of British love for you!


Watch for more recommended reads in future newsletters and on my Facebook page. For now, I hope you will enjoy the above-mentioned titles. They truly are stellar.

Moving on...

A certain someone begs your attention...


Before I leave you, Snuggles wants everyone to know that he survived the weekend's dreadful switch back to Daylight Saving Time. He hardly noticed a difference - of course, he occupied himself playing with his blue knight toy.

Clearly, he has his priorities!

Snuggles says that after listening to me moan and groan about the horrors of unnatural time and the ensuing extra hour of broiling heat and fry-your-eyeballs sunshine, well, he hopes that all of you also had blue knight toys to help you ignore the time switch.

However you feel about Daylight Saving Time, Snugs is sending you love.

For myself, I'll just say I wish the time switch was a good one. Maybe a portal back to medieval times!

Now that would be acceptable. As is, if you're a Snuggles fan...

Watch my Facebook page for more pictures of him and news of his adventures.


That's it...

I hope you will enjoy FORBIDDEN KISSES. Even if you've read one or two of the books, you're sure to enjoy the others.

And please remember, I have books in two other lovely collections just now...

LORDS, SWORDS, and CASTLES and DANGEROUS HEROES. Both are only 99c or FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Thanks for reading my newsletter. Have a great week and read lots of books!

Till next time...

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Wishing you Highland Magic!

Sue-Ellen Welfonder/Allie Mackay

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