Spring! Greetings! Spring is crawling its way up and out of the mud in fits and starts! In the Pacific Northwest hope always springs eternal though

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Greetings! Spring is crawling its way up and out of the mud in fits and starts! In the Pacific Northwest hope always springs eternal though and I am an optimist. This sun will emerge in all its glory and stay put! Are you laughing at me now? Well, we do live in a Rainforest and though we may whine, I know we love it.

This will be a short newsletter as I am spending the bulk of my creative energy and time getting our new website launched but I wanted to make sure you were up to speed on the first few weeks of April's happenings at the Moon.

We are on Spring Break now, from April 1 - 8, with the new session starting April 9th. Early registration is live; do take a moment to register if you have not yet. Please and thank you! By the way, you can register for as many sessions in advance as you wish, including our annual. Our rates will be going up around 5% across the board, commensurate with our rent increase, this August.

Use the week to keep practicing and see you on the floor starting April 9th!




Workshops & Schedule Changes


We had a successful launch this last session of two new beginner's series hosted by Nina Maluda (Qigong on Mondays) and Scott "Scooter" House (Taijiquan on Thursdays). Several people asked if they might become ongoing classes so we will try that. They are for beginners and will concentrate on the basics but all are welcome. They are now included in your class packages and you can utilize the extra classes for make-ups as well.

We have two events planned for April: Anatomy of Taijiquan & Qigong on April 15 (and June 3) and of course World Taijiquan and Qigong day on April 29th. All the info on our Workshops page.

Greg's next Meditation session is April 9, Sunday from 10-12. All are welcome!


Eric's Corner - Spring: The Wood Element

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The light returns! Lets practice.

The Season of Spring is upon us! To understand the energy and aspects of the Wood element, which is associated with the season of Spring, we have to look at what is happening in Nature. Once we get a sense of that, then we can understand the energy of the season and of the Wood element. Spring is the season of new beginnings, the creation of new projects, of starting something new.

What is happening in Nature? Birds are calling to each other, babies are being born, and the plants and trees are budding. The energy of the season is rising up (like the sap rising in the trees). The days are getting longer and the temperature warmer (hopefully!!).

Every element has characteristics associated with it that describe its functions. For example, the color green is associated with the Wood element just as we are seeing green popping out in nature. The emotion of anger is associated with the Element because anger is a “rising up” energy. The organs associated with the Wood element are the Liver and Gallbladder. In Chinese medicine, the function of the Liver is thought to be the ‘Official of Judgment and Planning’ and the Gall Bladder is thought to be the ‘Official of Decision making’. The way we make new things happen is to plan for it and then make the decisions along the way to get us there. We have a vision of where we are going. Thus, the eyes are the sensory organ associated with the Wood Element.

I think an interesting way to understand the Wood element and the Season is to look at some of the names of the points along the Liver and Gall Bladder energy channels (also called meridians). Each point on the meridian has a unique function that reflects some aspect of the element. The last point on the Liver meridian is called “Gate of Hope”. It lies along the front edge of our ribcage, over the liver, at approximately the level of the 8th thoracic rib. The dictionary defines hope as “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.” Or “to want something to happen or be the case.” In the Springtime, we expect (or ‘hope’) the plants will bud and begin to bloom. If you have ever gardened, it’s the feeling of planting a seed and the excitement of checking on it everyday to see if it has started to grow. Or another way to think of the exhilaration of Spring is the first sunny, warm day in Spring. It’s a hopeful feeling when the sun comes out in the Spring.

Another point to look at, on the Gall Bladder channel, is “Foot Hole Yin”. This point is located on the lateral or outside aspect of the fourth toe by the toenail. This point is the point that roots us in the earth and allows the foundation for our ‘uprightness’. It’s where our power of creation builds and emerges from a deep place within us. We often don’t know how we made a decision; but once it’s made, it carries a power with it.

So, my hope is that you have a bit more understanding of the season and the element. And how the energies of the season move in Nature and within you.

May you have a hope-filled Spring!



Eric Hartmann, M.Ac., L.Ac. is a licensed 5 Element acupuncturist who has practiced for almost 20 years on Capitol Hill. You can find information on Eric & his practice here


In the News, on the Tube


10,000 Thank you's!

dojo out 2

My gratitude to all for a robust and vital Winter Session! We rocked & steamed the Moon that's for sure. More than ten thousand thank you's to all of you who helped out so much and attended the Grandmaster workshop too. Wow! What a perfect flow and great experience that was. I'm quite happy so many of you who had never met my Taijiquan Grand teacher had this opportunity. One may say you are the grandchildren now! LOL.

Do get out there and enjoy spring. Its glorious in all the budding.

Have a nice week, see you on the floor and stay tuned for the new look of our site.


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