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The Little Things . . .

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Late October 2015 || issue #35
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Some years ago, after the men's Olympic Marathon Trials in Hawaii, Duncan Macdonald said the marathon "was designed by perverts to be run by people with sick minds." Pete Pfitzinger responded: "The marathon is grueling but success comes through preparation. You get ready for a marathon like you get ready for war. But if you're not prepared for the marathon, it takes a sick mind to run it."

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Marathon: Train and Execute

Beginning with this fall's GTD season, Coach Braz moved his marathon training program from a static (seasonal) outline to an active, personal coaching model.

It's all about the continual adjustments for each week's primary and secondary workouts, the long runs, and balancing the training model with the events of daily life. Marathon training is not a straight path. It's an adventure, and it's good to have a guide.

Fernando's coaching is exactly what I needed to improve my running. His style was the perfect combination of being pushed while still instilling a level of comfort and confidence. He also knew when to start and stop as we worked through my chronic injuries. He got me to the starting line feeling healthy. Additionally, his support on the course was great. He provided the right balance of giving instruction and encouraging words when needed, but not being overbearing. I really never thought I would run a 3:32 marathon. I can't thank him enough.
[Eliza Core, 3:32 at Bay State, October 17, Boston Qualifier]

When my 3rd child was 10 months old, I decided it was time. Time to start running again and to do it for life. I ran in high school and continued into in my early 20’s and then lost touch with it due to demands of life. I always considered myself an athlete but knew I had restart the process slowly.

I was committed and worked slowly up to a 5K and then ran my first half marathon less than a year later. I was hooked. Several half marathons and two marathons later, I realized I just wasn’t training smart. I needed help to accomplish my ultimate goal: to qualify for Boston.

I had run Chicago in 2013 and Boston (for charity) in 2014. One mildly injured and one moderately injured. I knew I had it in me to be more serious; to run faster and stronger. A friend of mine (a talented and gifted runner) recommended Fernando. I checked out his website and knew this would be a good fit.

I signed up for 4 months and soon convinced a running friend to do the same. We both have young kids, work, and have busy schedules like most people. Fernando was amazing! Working with him week by week, giving feedback, and getting feedback was extremely helpful. He always had answers to questions. He was realistic, encouraging, gentle. He was patient with my concerns.

Each week I was accomplishing work-outs and paces I never thought would be possible. And it was fun! Best of all, come race day (Bay State 2015), I felt strong and confident. I qualified for Boston by over 15 minutes in my age category! And felt strong the whole 26.2 miles. Thanks, Fernando!
[Claire Davison, 3:29, Bay State, October 17, Boston Qualifier]

Also at Baystate on October 17:
Zane Zeeh, 3:17 (Boston Qualifer)
Yazmin Acosta, 3:43 (Boston Qualifier)
Julie Valenti, 4:01 (Boston Qualifier)


Gang Goes to Mohawk

Let's all run the Mohawk Marathon on October 11. Along the Hudson River from Schenectady to Albany. The trampling around the track on Tuesday evenings all summer and fall produced some excellent results.
Matt Pimentel, 2:48
Jon Healey, 3:03
Tina Dowling, 3:28
Linsey Pimentel, 3:29
Bob Whirty, 3:32
Chris Marshall, 3:38
Cristina Winsor, 3:39
Glenn Simm, 3:59


Nina Strikes Again

On October 12, 2003, Nina Caron ran 2:45 at the Chicago Marathon. Two weeks later, on October 26, she won the Cape Cod Marathon in 2:57.

On October 20, 2013, she won the Baystate Marathon in 2:56.

And this year, on September 27, Nina won the Clarence DeMar Marathon in 3:03.


Let's Run Some Races

Peter Guza writes: Baystate Half weather was optimal (high 30s and sunny) and I felt great after a couple rest days allowing the PF inflammation to fully settle down. I planned on going pretty steady through the first 10 with even splits (goal pace was 6:20), then increasing speed if I felt good.

I found a couple runners I felt very comfortable with early on and stayed just behind them even though the watch said I was tracking a bit fast. After 8 miles I was tracking more than a minute ahead so I slowed down and gave a little back since I was nervous that I might burn out. After 10 miles I picked it back up and had a great kick at the end (5:43 average across the last 1.25 miles) and finished in 1:21:41, more than a minute under my 1:23 goal required to qualify for 2016 NYC Marathon! An amazing feeling, and it was icing on the cake that I later found out I finished 3rd in my age group (since the 1st place runner in my bracket was third overall).

Thank you so much for all your guidance over the past few months! I'm now 3 for 3 hitting my goals when training with Going the Distance - qualifying for Boston, going sub-3:00 the following year (at Boston), and the year after that qualifying for NYC at a half!

The Baystate half was on October 17 Back on September 27 at the Wilmington Half, Peter ran 1:23:44.

Stan Peijffers was 2nd in his 60+ age group in 1:33:17 at the Newburyport Half on October 25. Carmela Taveras was 3rd in her age group in 1:41:34.

Sharon Yu won her age group in 35:21 at the Lawrence Vietnam Memorial 4 Miler on October 25.

Larissa Park was 1st woman in 18:15 at the Miles for Mary 5K in Marblehead on October 24.

At the BAA Half on October 11, Evie Caron (1:29:11) and Carmela Taveras (1:40:34), each won their age group, and Dan Frank ran 1:49:36.

On October 4 at the Smuttynose Half in Hampton Beach, Jen Sarcione ran 1:45:36, Mike Furlong 1:53:34, and Ralph Gentile 2:04:44.

In Gloucester on September 20 there was the Lone Gull 10K. Stan Peijffers (representing Going the Distance!), ran 43:34. Linda Jennings ran 52:49 and Karen Durante 56:25. And representing the GTD xc program, Kate DelTorchio ran 46:25 and Lilly Kallman 54:42.

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Cross-Country Results

Over 125 runners trained in the GTD xc program this past summer. This 8-week program included collegiate, high school, and middle school athletes. Here are some results from meets in September and October. In the next issue we'll have end-of-season results.

55th Annual Catholic Memorial Invitational, Franklin Park, October 17

Girls Varsity
Stephanie Casaletto 19:13, Sydney Packard 20:11, Kate DelTorchio 20:56, Maia Gifford 21:05, Katie Freeman 21:15, Kathryn Montgomery 21:31, Christine Deschenes 22:00, Ally Jerrett, 22:28

Boys Varsity
Cody Murtagh 17:44, Matthew Loehle 18:48, Jack Carroll 19:31, Jack Keenan 20:03, Zach Mizioch 20:53, Michael Cook, 21:01

Girls Freshmen
Jessica Freeman 14:10, Kathryn Loehle 16:10

Boys Freshmen
Jonah Carlson 10:50, Aiden Hill 11:58

Bay State XC Invitational, Stanley Park, October 17

Abby Walsh 18:48, Olivia Horgan 19:31, Lillian Brennan 20:21, Meghan Stone 20:32, Catherine Howley 20:35, Amanda Burnette 21:11

Danny Cosgrove 16:05, Shane Braz 16:44, Kyle Faddis 16:54, Jack Gourdeau 17:06, Anthony Pizzo 17:19, Marc Alperen 17:29, Travis Dawe 17:32, Joe Farhat 18:31, Alex Fossa 18:55

Frank Kelley XC Invitational, Wrentham, September 26

Boys (Divisions 1 & 2)
Michael Weidenbruch 16:50, Thomas Mackin 16:52, Oliver Jacob 17:04, Jared Kokinos 17:10, Shane Braz 17:15, Adam Linsky 17:17, Cody Murtagh 17:22, Joe Farhat 17:35, Anthony Pizzo 17:38, Travis Dawe 18:02, Ian Strothers 18:04, Jack Carroll 19:09

Girls (Divisions 1 & 2)
Julia Curtin 17:43, Stephanie Casaletto 19:04, Sarah Oliver 19:12, Abby Walsh 19:17, Emily DeMarco 19:24, Caitlyn Scola 21:06, Lilly Kallman 23:48

Boys JV
Marc Alperen 18:07, Alex Fossa 18:57, Zach Phelan 19:28, Ahmed Rabbani 20:05, Ryan Buckley 20:06, Brandon Boutilier 20:25

IMG 5193

5 of the top high school xc runners in the state work the GTD cones this summer. Can you name them all?

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