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The Little Things . . .

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Mid July 2015 || issue #34
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Running a Fall Marathon?

It may be 90 degrees out there -- but by now you should at least have a TRAINING PLAN.

Fernando has plans. Here's how it's done.

1. Decide what marathon you're running.
2. From the date of your marathon work back to today. For example, if your marathon date is the 2nd half of October, and we're in the 2nd half of July, that's 3 months.
3. Register for Fernando's personal coaching model (program 2) for 3 months. If your marathon is in September, that's 2 months. If it's in November, that's 4 months.

Please note: to receive a marathon training plan, you must register for Personal Coaching. If you register for the Seasonal program (program 1), you receive a training program for racing or maintenance, but not a marathon training program.

Program Registration

The Fall seasonal program begins August 4. Register now!

Questions? Contact Dave.

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Do You Know What They're Doing?

If you don't, you haven't kept your eye on the ball for the fall xc season. In these photos from a recent GTD xc training session, it's the medicine ball. These runners will explode past you on that hilly and twisty xc course this fall. Why? They may not be "faster" than you, but they know that running is more than "running" -- it's training your body and mind. It's training with peers who run your pace and perhaps train faster than your pace. It's not the miles you run, it's how you strengthen your body in all ways, and become mentally more competitive.

There are 4 weeks remaining in the GTD xc program.
Registration remains open -- go here for more information.

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Playing a Sport this Fall?

If you are, you should be training now. Agility, balance, quickness, strength. What's your training program?
Those athletes above have one.
Join them.
Registration is still open for ages 8 to 20 for the GTD All-Sports Conditioning Program.

Go here for more information and to register.

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