*In a little over a week I'll be doing a workshop at Madison Nonprofit Day. My workshop is Using Community Media for Storytelling, Community Engagement & Fundraising.

Here's my Forbes article that's influencing my workshop at Madison Nonprofit Day. Take a peek so you know what we'll be discussing!

Before then, I wanted to share some tips with your nonprofit.


[VIDEO] Why is Blogging Important for Nonprofits
This video briefly discusses why nonprofits should use blogging. Learn about just a few benefits of having a blog on your website.

[VIDEO] Podcasting: An Effective Community Outreach Tool for Nonprofits
Learn why podcasting is a very useful tool for nonprofits to use for community engagement. If your nonprofit isn’t using podcasting for community engagement, you should start now.

[VIDEO] Nonprofit Strategic Planning and Marketing Plan Development
In this video, I explain why nonprofits don't benefit from developing a marketing plan after they’ve already developed their strategic plan. I believe the strategic plan and marketing plan should be developed together. Learn why.

I look forward to seeing you on Oct. 5. See you soon!

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