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This spring I have a new YouTube video to announce! It's a sister project to my prior video on female artists from history. I also completed three new paintings (to include a figure painting) and added a new feature to my website.


NEW YouTube Video!

My latest YouTube video, Artists of Consequence is a kind of "Part Two" to my other video, The Forgotten Masters. Learn about more extraordinary female artists from as far back as the Early Renaissance, many of whom are still gaining recognition today.

Click HERE to watch the video!


NEW Studio Store Page!

In an effort to declutter and refresh my studio, I decided to create a store on my website where I can sell select paintings. Some of the current pieces are paintings I've had in my personal collection. Others simply haven't found their home yet.

The nice thing about this is I can periodically offer special discounts. And celebrate the new idea, you can use coupon code SPRINGSALE to take 30% off any painting. Shipping is free within the continental U.S. Valid through June 20, 2021.

Click HERE to visit my studio store and see what's available.

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Poyerd AStillDay

Art of the Piedmont Event

Art of the Piedmont is the one event I do each year. It's for good cause and they do such a classy job with the presentation. I have three paintings in this year's show which takes place on May 21st at Slater Run Vineyard in Upperville, Virginia. The art will be displayed in the Barrel Room/Gallery, after which unsold art will be displayed through Saturday, May 22nd. There will be a sit-down dinner following the reception for those who purchase tickets. For more information and for dinner tickets, click HERE.

May 20th - Exhibit open to public viewing 2-6pm. Bids submitted online.
May 21st - Event for ticketed attendees only (view/bid/dinner)
May 22nd - Unsold works available to the public for viewing & purchase. Artists pick up unsold work by 5pm.

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Watercolor Paper Give-Away

After conducting my professional watercolor paper test for YouTube (see video HERE), one of the papers that performed best was Hahnemuhle. After publishing, the company contacted me and provided samples of their latest watercolor paper for me to try. They will soon be phasing out the line I tested, but this new paper seems just as nice. They give me an extra package of it, so I thought I'd offer it to one of my newsletter recipients, chosen through a blind draw.

The paper is Hahnemuhle Aquarelle Watercolour: Block of 10 sheets,9 x 12, 140-lb cold-pressed paper.

If you're interested in adding your name to the draw, just reply to this email with the sentence, "Include my name in the drawing!" On May 20th, I'll pull a name. The winner will simply need to give me their mailing address and it will be on the way! There's no catch here. I just thought it would be a nice thing to do for my followers.


NEW Artwork!

Heading Home (18 x 24, watercolor on paper) It's been ages - literally years - since I painted a figure, and the painting process reminded me of that! Boy, this one took a while. My goal was to capture a historic, calm feeling partly through the choice of color palette and partly through the choice of the girl's clothing. Available on

Poyerd BrightLand w

Expressions of Light (9 x 12, oil on canvas panel) Using some artistic license, I decided to push the color limits on this piece in order to make the sunlit effect more powerful...and interesting. It's a small piece but seems to really pack some punch.

Dreamscape (9 x 12, oil on canvas panel) This piece is a little more impressionistic than I normally paint, but it was a fun one. I actually finished the first layer over a year ago. It took me this long to feel inspired to complete it. It's different - more dreamlike (thus the name), but I feel like it captures something very soft and peaceful, and makes the viewer contemplate.


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