22 September 2015 Knitted Internship Hard for me to believe, but my daughter Katie is a senior in college already. Just yesterday she was in third g


22 September 2015

Knitted Internship

Katie then and now

Hard for me to believe, but my daughter Katie is a senior in college already. Just yesterday she was in third grade, and now she's going to job fairs and sending out resumes. Like me, she is a liberal arts major, so her career path is not at all well defined. There are so many things she could do, but how do you what you want to do anyway? Where do you even begin to look for a job? The difference between knowing and floundering is often an internship. These summer positions - paid and unpaid - give college students an opportunity to see firsthand what day to day life is like in a particular industry. It gives them a look at what kind of things people at all levels there do, and what their career ladder might look like. Whether it parlays into an ultimate job offer, or simply helps the student decide they love (or hate) that industry or job, continue reading

New yarn tasting 1

Try lots of yarns at a yarn tasting

Yarn Tastings

A yarn tasting is like with a wine tasting, only you're knitting instead of drinking! You have the opportunity to knit with lots of new and different yarns and learn about each. We have several already scheduled - check 'em out here and sign up!

Fiddlehead mittens 001 medium2

Stranded knitting

In this three session class with Ginni, you'll learn stranded knitting and many other cool techniques that make these mittens extra special. Like what, you ask. Well, for one, there's an i-cord cast on that gives a beautiful edge. For another, this mitten is lined - pretty fancy, huh.

This is a class for intermediate knitters. The focus is on doing the stranded color work, continue reading
Saturdays 9-11 a.m.
October 10, 17 and 24

Gracie poncho

Gracie Square Fringed Poncho

September First Friday project

Gracie Poncho

It's not too late to get started on this beautiful and easy topper if lovely sparkly Adele. While it's a great way to dress up for the holidays, it's also a fun accessory with jeans! Just 5 skeins on a size 7 needle and you're ready to go!


Thinking about a cozy fall sweater?

6 week Custom Fit Sweater Class

It's not too late to get in on this Custom Fit Sweater session. This class is a guided knit for your Custom Fit Sweater. If you are a newer knitter, there may be some sweater knitting techniques that are unfamiliar to you. This class will show you exactly what is meant in the pattern and how to accomplish it. It will keep you on track and help ensure your Custom Fit sweater not only fits perfectly, but looks professional.

If you're already an accomplished sweater knitter, you will find that the structure of a class helps keep you on track. Continue reading

5 classes $100
Any 3 classes $65

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