Noreen Springstead

Statement on the Texas Food Shortage & Critical Resources for Residents in Need

In the aftermath of the storm in Texas, our Executive Director, Noreen Springstead, issued this statement: “As so many Americans continue to grapple with hunger and lack of access to nutritious food and water, the crisis in Texas serves as a cautionary tale to our nation’s resiliency in the face of climate change and growing corporate consolidation with an emphasis on profits over people. The government has a responsibility to protect human rights; not the unchecked corporate control of our food system, healthcare system, and in this case our energy infrastructure. The state is failing its citizens by governing from the viewpoint that regulations are nothing more than shackles on individual freedom, and instead allowing self-reliance and an unfettered market economy to define the moral center. The lack of regulatory oversight by the government and a system that is designed to value profits over people has created a situation where access to water, food, shelter and healthcare – basic necessities for life – are effectively being denied, especially in Black and Brown communities. It’s imperative we take action to dismantle the exploitive systems in place. As we continue to work with grassroots partners across the country to build a more just and equitable hunger-free nation, we must hold our government and elected officials accountable to the people first and foremost.”

WhyHunger's Hotline (1-800-5-HUNGRY) is available to Texans or anyone in need. In times of crisis and all year round, we're here to help connect those who are food insecure to healthy food in their communities, as well as to government programs like SNAP.

Click here for more information about alternative resources for Texans and ongoing updates on the crisis.

In Solidarity,
The WhyHunger Team

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