Click on the picture of my band and me (below) to watch the Preview of my Documentary

phase 2 pic

Preview of Documentary

Because so many people missed it day before yesterday, please click on the picture above to see the short preview Tom Solari, the director has put together with the Phase 1 funds. After you see it, you can then go to Indiegogo to read more about what's happening now! HOLLYWOOD TOWN - The Harriet Schock Story, Phase 2 | Indiegogo

If you're new to this project, start with the video at the top of the Indiegogo page, which explains what it's about. Besides being informed, you'll be entertained.

I appreciate all of you who have jumped in to back it right away. That's very helpful. Any amount is helpful because Indiegogo will help promote us if we raise enough funds the first week! And to thank you for jumping in early, your name will appear on the Phase 2 Early Backer Honor Roll!

Here's another link to the preview if you didn't click on the picture above. SHORT PREVIEW--- a brief taste of what's to come. I'm excited my whole band is in it!

Then go to Indiegogo and decide how big a part you want to play:

Indiegogo link

When you're on the Indiegogo site, click on the picture of the perk and all the info will show up!


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