City of Los Angeles to Tap into CalREN As the first large city government to join CENIC, California’s ultra-fast 100Gbps research and education netwo

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City of Los Angeles to Tap into CalREN

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As the first large city government to join CENIC, California’s ultra-fast 100Gbps research and education network, Los Angeles will build stronger digital connections to California's innovators, researchers, educators, and students.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced that the City of Los Angeles has signed an agreement to connect the City’s databases and computers to an Internet network 1000 times faster than available previously, sponsored by the CENIC community, at no additional cost to Los Angeles taxpayers.

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CENIC Board Member Susan Hildreth Wins the Richard Rose Award


The Richard Rose Award was established in 2009 to recognize extraordinary individual contributions that extend the reach of advanced networking and applications from research universities to the broadest education community, including K-12 schools, community colleges, libraries, museums, zoos, aquariums, performing arts and cultural centers, America's "anchor institutions."

Throughout her decades of public service at the local, state, and national level, Susan Hildreth has been a tireless advocate for the use of broadband to transform libraries, community organizations, schools and colleges to improve the lives of people in communities across the country.

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Greg Bell Joins the CENIC Board of Directors


Greg Bell Former Director of ESNET and now the full-time CEO of Broala, a company that deploys the Bro network monitoring software first developed at the lab, has joined the CENIC Board of Directors.

Leaving the lab to work with a network security organization closes the loop for Bell, who started at the lab 15 years ago with LBLnet. During his tenure at LBL and ESNET, he and his team worked closely with CENIC on the Pacific Research Platform and other key initiatives.

We are very fortunate to continue our partnership with Greg and welcome him to the CENIC Board!

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Broadband Panel at Emerging Technologies 2016 Summit

On May 12, the third Annual Emerging Technologies Conference was hosted by the California Department of Technology at the Sacramento Convention Center. This forum was designed to encourage innovative thinking, enhance technical skills and education, and promote collaborative networking. One of the keynote general sessions focused on broadband in California, noting that while the state is a leader in developing broadband infrastructure, thousands of Californians remain offline.

Rob Osborn (Senior Analyst, California Public Utilities Commission) moderated this plenary session, and panel members were Anne Neville (Director, California Research Bureau), Sunne Wright McPeak (President & CEO, California Emerging Technologies Fund), Eric Brown (President & CEO, California Telehealth Network), Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia, and Louis Fox (President & CEO, CENIC). The panel focused on California’s progress in closing the digital divide, current and future initiatives, and broadband adoption.

CENIC’s CEO, Louis Fox, highlighted CENIC's recently announced peering agreement with the California Department of Technology’s network, and he announced a new initiative with the City of Los Angeles (more on this in the article above), bringing together California’s research universities and LA’s ambitious open data initiative. The conference was attended by state and local government officials and private sector businesses that do business with government.

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Eric Brown Awarded 2016 Technology Champion of the Year

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The California State Fair annually recognizes the accomplishments and service of key individuals or organizations through a series of prestigious awards that are publicly recognized and honored at the Friends of the California State Fair Gala.

This year the Technology Champion of the Year, Individual, is awarded to Eric Brown, president and CEO of California Telehealth Network, an organization that increases access to acute, primary and preventive care in rural America. Eric’s 15 years of experience in the cable television industry have included valuable contributions in the field of network affiliate relations and the management of multiple broadband system marketing and operations. Please congratulate Eric and celebrate this exciting event for Eric and California Telehealth Network.

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