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Would you like to meet the entrepreneur The Wall Street Journal named “The Best Networker? At my next Networking Dinner, Pradeep Aradhya will share with us how he went from being an introvert to a memorable figure and how you can build a list of strong contacts that can help you with any mission!


I'd like to share with you how I turned a very frightening loss of hearing into a positive. It was the perfect opportunity to perfect the work I do helping others to communicate through conflict. Trust that you have the power and resourcefulness to move through it by taking even greater care of your head and heart. Enjoy the read.


The idea for YES Camp was born of guest feedback from Jeanne Stafford’s Networking Dinners to “Please create an all day course! I did just that and our first two groups had a day of discovery, communication and productivity!

This intimate group exercise will help you reach your goals to say YES to every space you enter. Communicate with ease. Reduce conflict. Inspire in your social media.

My next one is Friday, October 13th — I'd love to tell you about it!


Things I'm Loving Now


Keyon Harrold

Feedback! I am loving FEEDBACK! It is a gift to do the work I do with people I love working with. Thank you to my clients and audiences.

"After this work with you, I feel like my own PR agent.” Keyon Harrold

“Fantastic facilitation! Relevant, content driven and upbeat!” UJA New York City


See the next video in my new series YES Words Video Tips! Every month I will create a quick snippet of my favorite current advice that will move you closer to Saying Yes to every space you enter!

Yours in TRUST!


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