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Training Center Construction

Thanks to several generous donors, our Field Bible School training center is coming into fruition. Read all about this exciting new venture to train and equip church leaders: Field Hands for the Harvest 2

Devastating Violence

Political and ethnic unrest reached a deadly boiling point in late June leading to overwhelming destruction and despair. See what the aftermath has meant for so many: Ethnic Violence Burns Shashamene


Formula Miracle Needed!

Ten babies ranging from 2 months to 10 months need the nourishment only formula or breast milk can supply. Wet nurses right now are not available and neither is a steady supply of formula. Tiny, malnourished babies do not flourish on cow’s milk but it is sometimes all we can get. Please join us in asking God to make a way to get formula for our babies!


Adoptions Continue!

Despite political upheaval and the pandemic, we have still been able to place children in families. Two precious baby boys have a mommy and daddy. Read their stories here: Fatherless No More

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Help for Families

Because our kindergarten has been closed since March, we have been providing basic food staples to the students' families, all of whom live in extreme poverty. See how we are meeting needs: Despite Hardship Ministry Continues

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