Let's look around my studio together.

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The space seems random but is actually quite organized for me: yarns on the floor, my couch for great afternoon naps in the sun, loom and warping board set up to go. This space isn't just filled with my own work materials, it also holds pieces that inspire me and keep me motivated. These are things that make me happy!

Here are a few of my favorite objects.

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Love how this flutters in the breeze.

This is a rainbow mobile from the deCordova Museum shop. I often end up purchasing pieces when I drop off my work at galleries and shops. Now I have an interesting collection of pieces from all over the place.

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Handmade doll by Lois Hardy, Weaver's Guild of Boston member.

Here's a great find from the Weaver's Guild of Boston annual sale. The dolls were fanciful and full of personality. This one is a "shopper!"

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Matisse is one of my all time favorite artists. Calendar page from a prior year.

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Handwoven, Hetty Friedman 1975

This piece hung in the front hall of my parent's Brooklyn home from 1975-1998. It's the first piece I wove when I showed up at SMU (now UMass Dartmouth) for my MFA. I had woven this with cotton yarns I had brought back from Guatemala.

madmimi 4

Annapurna, Taos 2005. Artist unknown

I purchased this shadow box piece in Taos, in 2006 (I was on a retreat studying with Natalie Goldberg at the time). I loved the words, the colors and the overall sentiment–textured, fun and quirky. See the tea lamps?

madmimi 3

Angelina Quic Ixtamer, San Juan Atitlan, Guatemala

One of Angelina Quic Ixtamer's fabulous paintings. I collect these each time I am on tour in Guatemala. She invented this bird's eye view of painting. Her colors, textures, and themes resonate for me.

madmimi 2

Angelina Quic Ixtamer, San Juan Atitlan, Guatemala

What do you hold dear? What fills your creative spaces?

Let me know your thoughts. I'd love to hear from you.


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