Hello , Greetings from Ancient Wisdom HQ.. where I am this week. Last week I was in our China offices and telling you about: how to see the future..

Ancient Wisdom

Hello ,

Greetings from Ancient Wisdom HQ.. where I am this week.
Last week I was in our China offices and telling you about: how to see the future.. you can read about it here.

So this week I have been working closely with the team in Sheffield, we have three huge projects in hand and so it's all go and much excitement.

Firstly there is the new warehouse in Slovakia, next weekend we will be over there with a hit squad to interview staff, set up the warehouse locations and open bank accounts etc. Should be interesting.

Secondly, we are expanding our manufacturing capacity, so the factory area is a bit all sixes and sevens as we install new equipment and packing areas, but it's slowly coming together.

Thirdly we have a major design development project in progress.. it's kind of a secret but I can exclusively reveal today one or two details.

There is a mystery designer.. all I can tell you is this person has shops in Cumbria, that sell handcrafted bathroom, soap, and soy candle products, but with a beautiful Lakeland English feel to them. This designer is working closely with us to develop an exclusive range of aromatic products, with a distinct look and feels totally different from Ancient Wisdom and with some completely off the wall concepts that will knock your socks off. An original and exclusive range of premium fragrances has been commissioned especially for these products. One fragrance: Sea Salt and Moss is so evocative - I smell it and I swear I can feel an English sandy beach between my toes. Believe me. no range at AW has ever been so finely crafted and curated. No expenses have been spared. A point of sale, display stands and shelving, gift packaging are all being designed to be complementary to the product range. It's early days - just three months in, but it's looking amazing.

The thing is this, our idea is to offer the range town by town to selected retailers who will be given the opportunity to be exclusive retailers in an area with plenty of support, an exclusivity deal and of course the usual AW customer service and keen prices you would expect.

It's a good six months off before we will have full production and stocks.. but if you are interested in dropping me a line and I'll forward you a little more information and register your interest.

Meanwhile, lots of things are back in stock.. we have had deliveries from India this week.
Another week and it will be May day bank holiday weekend. Are you stocked up and ready to rock and roll?
Check our mad spring deals below.

So until next week.

Take care


Place your order over this weekend for £150+vat or more and get FREE box of mixed jewelry collection worth £50 at retail value.
Please make sure you order over £150+vat and use voucher code: LUCKYDAY01 to claim your free box. Hurry and Shop online Today


Our Top selling Twisted Wood and Rock Quartz Wand is hand-crafted in India with the finest gemstones. It is decorated with metal detail and has a Quartz point tip and a Quartz sphere at the top end. Its sleek,artistic design will be sure to make it a good sell.


Give your store a touch of distinctive aroma with this carefully blended Wholesale Reed Diffusers. Reed diffusers are an extremely popular home essential that tends be re-bought on a regular basis as well as being a highly popular gift which is what makes it such an all year round great seller. This reed diffuser even comes ready to sell in it's sleek and eye-catching packaging.

Order todayand get this refreshing Reed Diffuser in your store...


Each Wholesale Salt Lamp comes complete with light fitting, bulb & plug. Rather than sell them by size we sell them by approximate weight. Items are marked with sizes to give a rough idea of size only, each lamp is completely unique.
Click here if you are looking for Himalayan Salt Lamps with EU Cables


These Indian Gemstone Trees are handmade from real gemstones and mounted on gemstone rock bases. If you want wow factor build yourself a Gem Forest display with info on the different stones. The branches can be artfully arranged, and naturally, they never need pruning or watering!


New Marble Pestle & Mortars just arrived. Not only do they all add style to homes but they are also very useful for grinding, crushing and mixing herbs and spices. An absolute essential for any home.We also have an excellent variety, they are available 3 different colours (white, grey, black) and in 3 different sizes so there is plenty to choose from.


These Kraft Window Bags are suitable for products both wet and dry which demand high barrier property packaging. Kraft Window bags give that natural feel, and with a bit of imagination and entrepreneurial flare you can create a product unique to your shops, enabling (dare we say), krafty profit margins.


These beautiful hand-crafted wholesale salad servers are made from Sonokeling and Mahogany wood. Choose from two amazing colours and three designs.
The Racquet and Long Handle Salad Server sets are perfect for scooping and mixing a substantial amount of salad or pasta. Each wooden salad server can also be a very useful when cooking.


Small Bath Bomb Gift Boxes are ideal for Aromatherapy 120g Bath Potions Bombs and Essential Oils Bath Bombs. They will help you to turn three bath bombs into a perfect gift. Sell 3 bombs for £5 and give a free box to generate sales. Or pre-fill boxes and stack ‘em high for real impact.

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