_You've still got time to make folded fabric ornaments; see my Sugru steak knife repair; Zoey's on the move! It's all in the December 11th newsletter.


_You've still got time to make folded fabric ornaments; see my Sugru steak knife repair; Zoey's on the move! It's all in the December 11th newsletter. _


Grandmotherhood just keeps getting better and better. Zoey is walking all over the place and climbs stairs like greased lightning. She even knows how to come down the stairs rump first. (Don't worry, I've got both hands ready catch her.) She's mastered finger foods and is learning to navigate the spoon. She loves books and bath time and sometimes "reads" in the tub. She turned 14-months old yesterday. Grandmothering! Yeah Baby!


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You Still Have Time to Make These!

I found a video online for making folded fabric ornaments. Way cool! And , like my Potato Cup Fritattas in the last newsletter, I had to put my own spin on it. Click here and take a look at the video and my sewing tips . You still have time. Go! Hurry! Click here.


Sugru to the Rescue

Remember my rotting old bacteria-infested steak knives from Newsletter #19? The ones I loved to pieces?

Sugru Knives

A savvy newsletter-ready suggested Sugru instead of FIMO. I purchased some Sugru and made new knife handles! I had a blast. They're dishwasher safe, too. Yes, those are buttons in the top and bottom knives. Everything about this product is cool. Learn more (and watch their videos) here. (Great gift idea!)


I used leftover Sugru to repair the zipper pull on my suitcase...


...and to repair my old iPad charger cord.


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Flash Sale

From now until Sunday night (December 14th) when you order one copy of How Not To Make A Prize-Winning Quilt, you'll get two. Same price. Same package. Order 2 and get 4. Order 4 and you'll get 8. Nothing to click. No notes to write. It will just happen. Click here to order.

And yes, I'll be happy to autograph as many copies as you like, in case you would like to give them as gifts. Hint, hint,


Scooter's Video Pick

Hello! Dog here. I licked something in the back yard today. Maybe I ate it. Hard to remember. Mom is not accepting any more dog kisses until the stink goes away. We don't know what it was. My stink even made me gag.

So I've been watching dog videos by myself. This one is very good. You should click here to watch it. And you should be happy that you can't smell me through your computer.

Thank You!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

Have a wonderful quilty day and happy holidays to everyone!

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