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Issue 64, April 2019

Wha gwaan?

March 30th. What a day.

Windsurfers were being scooped out of the water; National E's all went swimming (their insignia ain't so lazy once laying down); Tasars were heading for home; Moths... well they just went a bit faster than usual.

Rastasarmouse almost Rastanothermouse

The short version... rounded Mk1 in 18 knots; rounded Mk2 in 40 knots; jib in tatters; pole gone; came within boats lengths of Middle Head and abandoning ship.

Thanks so much to the rescue crews for getting a rope to us at the last minute. If gale force wind wasn't enough, poor radio communications and a borrowed start boat were making life very difficult for the volunteers. The craggy shore of Middle Head got a little too close for comfort for Rastasarmouse, but Da Easy Crew never felt concerned for our safety which is all that matters. Much appreciated.

Tasar Assoc. Training Day

Unless you've won 12 Laser World Chamionships, you will learn something form this chap. May 11th - details below - let me know.

Treasurers of the deep

We have a new treasurer. Michael Savery will take over from Will Jones after 6 years. Thanks to both of you.

Boyd Newton, Da Easy Crew, Editor.


Important Info

Please look into the following as others may be relying on you to do so:
* Presentation Night
* TANSW Training Day
* Tacker Taster

Dubious Info

Reports surfaced that after initial computer modelling looked promising, a French team hoped to enter the next America's Cup with a boat made from a giant baguette. Subsequent on water test have shown it was a crummy idea.


Volunteer of the Month

They go up tiddly up up, they go down tiddly down down. They enchant all the ladies and steal all the scenes, with their up tiddly up up and their down tiddly down down.


This is what 32.5knots looks like!

Magnificent may be pushing things just a little, but our volunteer of the month does a lot of good stuff around BSC and beyond.

Andrew Sim, resident speed demon & Moth Class Captain often fills in when nobody else can. He does all kinds of electrical work around the clubhouse for the cost of materials and helps Jono at the sailing school.

He's frightfully keen...

Racing on Saturday, practice most Sundays, spotted on the odd Thursday too. And while away from BSC he does us proud while championing the Moth class.

Well done. Thankyou.


So excited I just RSVP'd myself


National E News

Thanks to Heather and her supporting volunteers the National E NSW States were held at BSC and enjoyed by those present. There were only small number of participants due to injury, sickness, and conflicting children’s sporting arrangements which kept potential local sailors away and the expected visit by boats from Victoria did not eventuate.

The new NSW championship holders are Cullen Hughes (skipper) and Gavin Cooke (crew) sailing Miss Teak, borrowed for the occasion from Jim and Sue. As visitors to the class they showed the rest of us how it should be done with four wins over the four heats. Firewind (Dennis Paton and Peter Humphrey) and The Fury (Peter Nixey and Murray Town) were equal second.


Peter Nixey, Nat E Class Captain, BSC


Moth News

You may recall on March 30th Balmoral was hit by some extremely fierce wind. Windsurfer, Tasar, Nat E fleets were getting obliterated as 18-22 suddenly became 40 knots. Someone was having fun though...

Andrew Sim, literally rising above the chaos, recorded some amazing figures in the race with a top speed of 32.5knots & 10sec average of 31.3knots.

AS moth

Someone had fun in the 40 knot Westerly.

Vic States

I also attend the Victorian state Moth titles hosted by Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club on the Mornington peninsula. This is one of Australia’s oldest sailing trophies first won in 1933 by the first ever Moth Olive. The title was won by Harry Migel in a dominant light wind display although tied for second place on equal points I ended up third on count back. A lesson for those not used to the pointy end of the fleet to pay attention to those you need to beat. Oh and as always with me, to start on the gun.

Andrew Sim, Moth Class Captain, BSC


Tasar News

Hot(?) off the Press

From European correspondent Paula in Ireland...

The locals out sailing today in what they call “nice enough weather”.
* Current sea water temp in Dublin: 9°C.
* Average wind speed for April: 15knots.
* Swimming Index: considered cold.

So no complaints from any Aussies sailing in Middle Harbour, winter or summer.

TANSW - Membership Renewals Due

The Tasar Association of NSW membership season commences 1 May each year and lasts 12 months. New membership commencing after 31 Dec will last until 30 April the following year.

To register you will need the Yachting Australia member number of both helm and crew.

TANSW - Training Days

BSC will hold a TANSW training day before boats are loaded into containers for the World Titles.

On the 11th of May we have Brett Beyer (www.beyersailing.com) coaching us. The day will be a combination of coaching, drills, racing and feedback.

Starting at 9am then building to our Winter Sprints Series. Please let me know ASAP if you expect to attend.

The event will be open to Tasar Association members. If you don't know how to become a member, there is little hope for you!

World Titles - 27th July, 2019 - Hayling Island, UK

Containers will be packed on May 25th for those going to the 2019 Tasar World Championships being held at Hayling Island Sailing Club.

Jib Sheeting Trial

Sticky is in the best shape for years and sporting the new sheeting arrangement. Initial feedback has seen some little tweaks so please look at getting some time in Sticky over the Winter Sprint Series.

And while 'good enough for Jenny is good enough for me' would usually suffice, we need to get as much documentation completed before the UK Worlds to keep the Tasar Council happy.

Boyd Newton, Tasar Class Captain, BSC


Contender News

Contender sailing at BSC over the past 12 months has grown considerably with 5-8 boats racing most weekends. BSC has become renowned to run a great course out in the sound that suits the senior classes at the club but also leads to some exciting and close racing. This can be seen in the fantastic photos taken by Rob Owe-Young.

National Championship

2018 culminated with the nationals held out of Brighton & Seacliff Yacht Club. The waters off Adelaide gave the competitors a mix bag of conditions ranging from 10-12 knots and flat water to “did you bring spare underwear” conditions.

5 BSC members made the trip across the Hay Plains. 4 with boat in tow and 1 jumping on the big metal bird to take on the 29 strong field. The forecast for the 5 days was looking positive early on and fading out towards the end of the week.

Class captain Matt Mulder and his pet Wonkey Donkey spent the first day battling it out with three national champions and a 3x world champion, finishing the day with 2 thirds. It was a slower start for the other BSC members, which we will put down to travelling fatigue and not the over consumption of Satan’s water on the first night. Ed Cox leading the bunch in the first race with a 14th followed by an eagerness to finish the race early was gifted an OCS.

Day 2 and another 2 races were on the cards. The breeze was up and Matt seemed to find a bit more form taking a 2nd and giving everyone a sailing lesson in the race 4 with a win of 52 seconds. Close on his tails was BSC’s Navy Officer Adam Linton claiming 7th and 6th respectively.

The breeze filled in early on day 3 and kept filling in. The class rules state a continuous 25 knots was needed to suspend racing for the day. The swell was up for the start and claimed many victims before the ‘C’ flag was lowered. Mulder again showing his dominance in heavy weather kept the barbarians at bay to claim back to back bullets. Linton proved his results from the day before were no fluke with a 7th. To the disappointment of Matt and Adam the AP over A flags were hoisted and the days racing was abandoned.

With the forecast looking dismal for the last day of sailing and a race to make up an earlier start was scheduled. What wasn’t looking dismal was Niall Kinch’s ‘Green Boat’. Niall rebuilt this piece of art replacing everything but the hull skin. 7 coats of poly-urethane apparently! The green boat coming back from a broken vang the previous day, posted a 12th with only boat lengths separating 4th-14th. This group included Mulder with an 8th.

Race 7 was sailed in a cracking 12 knots. The top 10 was littered with BSC members at the top mark but most surprising was your truly on Megatron. With a new rudder after the previous days exploits the 30 year old boat was exceptionally slippery eventually taking out 14th behind Ed (9) and Adam (13). Matt had dropped out of the top 3 with a 4th putting him out of the race for first but tied in second. The rest is history with the top 3 boats finishing within 15 seconds of each other and Geoff taking the win.

It was a great week of sailing put on by the BSYC and a great turn out by the BSC guys.


Matt Mulder (3), Adam Linton (11), Ed Cox (17), James Meggison (20), Niall Kinch (21).

James Meggison, Contender 'Megatron', BSC


Power Boat Corner

Thanks to Bruce Meldrum for the use of his yacht as a start boat for 2 weeks while Balmoral was being assessed by the insurance assessors - ask Laurie how that's going (language warning).

Balmoral will be towed out as a start "barge" for the rest of the season while we work with the insurers for a result. We will have things fixed by next season.


Tacker Taster

Balmoral Sailing School would like to offer clubs/schools 10 x 2 hour ‘Tacker’ taster sailing session coupons for groups of water sport enthusiastic children.

Tackers - Australian Sailing Program for kids aged 5 to 12

We hope donated coupons, valued at $75, will expand our sailing community and introduce kids to this fantastic sport.

See what to expect - click here

If you know any PC committee parents, any fundraising happening, please ask them to email info@sailingschool.com.au

We plan to offer these coupons on Sundays in September at Balmoral Sailing Club between 10-12pm.


Your Coupon has to be booked online. Go to our Website using your Voucher code 4 weeks before the date booked.

Your Coupon is valid for the month of September 2019 for one session.

Coupons are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. No credit or change will be given on the unused Vouchers.

What happens next?

Once we confirm your club/schools interest we will email you a PDF that includes booking links. No need to print them out so save the trees and all that stuff that goes into ink - just email them out to parents.

Please be aware we only run these Coupons in September. There is no other time they can be used.

Happy Sailing

Jono Allen, Balmoral Sailing School
P: 02 9960 5344
W: www.sailingschool.com.au


For Sale or Wanted

Tasar AUS2588 for Sale, "French Berry" - $7500
Currently racing at and stored in BSC shed. She is bang on weight (lead ballast) with near new top mast, foils (spare set also), sheets, halyards and mainsheet block. 3 sets of mylar sails with the newest in good condition. Comes with great beach trolley & registered road trailer. Everything you need.
Contact: Nick at chateauS@gmail.com or 0414 207 161

Tasar AUS2618 for sale, "Ontour" - $neg
Ex Australian Champion boat is underweight with a very stiff hull. The colour scheme is a light grey hull and deck with a blue stripe. 2x Mylar Jibs and 1 Mylar Main. Foils all in good condition. Comes with beach dolly and licensed road trailer. It is set up and ready to sail. It has been garaged for all its life. The Decalls on the sail will all pull off if required, The jib as seen here is the first time it has been raised. It has been a brilliant boat for us and now needs a new home. It currently is in Sydney but can organise transport.
Contact: Brad at brad@tallisman.com.au or 0416 00 7777
Pictures: click here

Mirror Dinghy for Sale, “TRIM” - $900 ONO
Wood and Varnish finish. Gaff-rigged. Trolley, spare sails and spars. Racked at Balmoral Sailing Club. More info - click here.
Contact: Matthew White on 0414 185 798

Wanted, articles for Whale's Tales - $10/10ths of nothing
Contact: Ed Itor

Have gear for sale or looking for something specific?

Send details to e: whalestales@balmoralsc.com.au




30cm higher than my efforts.

What to do when not sailing

After a great day learning to Wake Foil with some of the Tasar gang, I got thinking about the possibility of a homemade foiling contraption using an old windsurfer I have under the house.

You rarely end up where expected. I was pleasantly surprised how quick, easy and affordable DIY foil watercraft can be (if you're a little loose with interpretations). So I have a challenge for you in the off season.

Make a Foil Watercraft


Foilmoral = Failmoral

You'll need:
* 30x30cm piece of Aluminium Foil
* 20c coins
* Tub of water
* Equal parts curiosity & enthusiasm

The challenge:
Build a boat from aluminum foil to hold as many coins as possible before sinking.

With the off season ahead there's plenty of time to perfect your craft - please send me your results - then...

It's on!

Come the spring we'll compete for an amazing prize!


Important Dates


4/11/18 May: Winter Sprints @ 1pm
11 May: TANSW Training Day, BSC
18 May: Presentation Night
4-9 July: National E Nationals
27 July: Tasar Worlds, UK
Until Sept: Make Foil Boats

New 'Top 3' rule for BBQ duty has been working beautifully and puts me in little danger of raising tongs in anger ever again.

Being off the podium... Result!

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