Vitamin Y: saving the GLOBE, one city at a time April 21, 2017 by Mary Allen The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate projects a global inve

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Jennifer Keesmaat, chief planner & executive director, City of Toronto

Vitamin Y: saving the GLOBE, one city at a time

April 21, 2017 by Mary Allen

The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate projects a global investment of around US$90 trillion by 2030 to address the need for climate change remediation. This figure represents a hefty price-tag, but also huge opportunity for the private sector.

Climate impact, demographic shifts and other megatrends such as digitization and mobility challenge are becoming an increasingly urgent challenge in cities. At the GLOBE Capital 2017 event, panelists discussed the role of ICT in addressing these needs, and in driving urban renewal in transport, energy, housing and service infrastructure. How can electrification, automation, renewable energy and better city design contribute to a smarter future? Find out what thought leaders from Siemens, Cisco, Meeting of the Minds and the City of Toronto believe will help the business world “create a culture where sustainability isn’t just a tagline’”. Read more

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Spinning off or building up?

April 18, 2017 by Lynn Greiner

Barely a month old, DXC Technology Company, HPE’s ES spin off, has come out swinging, partnering with AWS and extending its Microsoft Azure portfolio. But what exactly prompted the spin off of ES in the first place?

Behind the marketing speak, discover why HPE CEO Meg Whitman felt the services business needed a “pure play environment” to thrive, and what this decision meant for HPE. For details Read more


The enterprise data centre – digital disruption or IT transformation?

April 12, 2017 by Don Sheppard

With cloud technology reaching it’s first decade of maturity, and hybrid IT becoming the dominant deployment option, operators of on-premise, enterprise data centre (EDC) are having to rethink how to optimize service delivery.

Will the EDC be disrupted entirely, or is this simply another IT transformation? Businesses are considering replacement, rejuvenation and hybrid IT - while having to manage increasingly complex environments made up of multiple platforms and growing demand from new trends such as IoT and digitization. Explore the nitty gritty details that distinguish hybrid IT, SDDC, hyperconverged infrastructure and serverless computing, and what each option means for EDC and IT business future. Read more

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SDN: networking in the cloud era

April 24, 2017 by Mary Allen

Though cloud value is widely recognized, businesses still rely on legacy apps and infrastructure. As a result, “enterprise tech” increasingly means “hybrid”; however, the need to connect to multiple platforms means hybrid is the most challenging environment to manage.

Drawing on his experience with customers, VMware's Peter Near explained, “on the networking front, ongoing work is needed to ensure that the primary site and the secondary site match – a firewall rule in the primary site will need also to be in place in the DR site.” Discover how SDN and the VMware NSX portolio can help to simplify cloud networking complexity. Read here


Gerd Goette, Siemens Venture Capital

GLOBE Capital 2017
April 21, 2017 by Mary Allen

To listen to GLOBE Capital 2017 panelists Gerd Goette, investment partner at Siemens Venture Capital, Gordon Feller, Cisco consultant and founder, Meeting of the Minds, and Jennifer Keesmaat, chief planner, City of Toronto, deliver thought leadership in their own words check out the video


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