DAKTARI Newsletter- February March 2021
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These past months:

Children and Volunteers back, Câline giving birth, Covid cases decrease, Fundraising campaign, Brigitte Bardot.

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Being without any children for a year, we are so pleased to welcome them again. We are almost back to normal and welcomed 6 children for the past 3 weeks now. They spend 4 days with us (instead of 5) at the moment so the children can also catch up on their usual school curriculum. We have decided to start with a small group of children to adhere to the COVID health protocols.

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Just after lunch, Michèle was in the Lapa, where she could see that Câline had a strange behaviour. Câline pooped on the floor. Usually, she always goes to the bathroom. Michèle immediately understood that Câline was going to give birth. She took her to the smoking area (we can rename it a nursery). One hour later, a little Dassie was born. Then the second came very quickly behind. At the beginning Câline didn’t know what to do with the 2 babies. This is the first time she gives birth.

The babies are very vivid jumping, climbing walls and impatient to discover the world. What a surprise we had when a third baby was born two hours later. He was bleeding from the umbilical cord and weak but Michèle and the volunteers immediately gave him first aid. Today, the 3 babies are doing well. They are already having fun with their brothers, born 2 weeks earlier.

Click here to look at a video of Câline giving birth



From February the government has introduced alert level 1, this means that restrictions are less and it is pretty safe for individuals to visit the country . This is after the country survived the second wave which was predicted to be very bad and difficult.

South Africa have seen a decrease in the daily numbers of covid at less than 1000 cases per day which is a good sign and improvement. Wearing of masks, social distancing sanitising is still mandated. We encourage everyone to keep safe and adhere to the regulations which are still in place.

Travelling to our country is safe and five international airports are operating for travelling, which include Kruger Mpumalanga airport that is very close to us and the most famous OR Tambo International Airport.

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The little X little campaign took place on the 08-12 of March. This was the first fundraising campaign that Léa, Vhutshilo and Adolf had to handle entirely on their own.

Their goals was to raise a total of $ 2000 through donations that were matched at 50% by our great partner GlobalGiving.

Our 3 musketeers developed all sorts of ideas and plans to reach their goals under Michèle's pressure who always says; "I don't care how you get it, just get it --> Action"

There was no chance to even think of losing their battle and they had to think quickly and properly. They made it and we thank all of you who donated to encourage this young team in their first fundraising campaign. Your trust has been very encouraging for them, the youth of the future, and the best experience ever in joining internationales and locales forces.
Thanks to Michèle as well for her boosting way and making them believe in themselves and in our donors.

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It is with a great honor that DAKTARI received the support from The Brigitte Bardot Foundation during the covid time. R 103 916 were donated toward the food and care of our rescued animals. Honestly, we would never have made it without Brigitte Bardot's fund. Michèle being French says: "it is so heartwarming to receive help from a compatriot, a lady who gave all her success to protect the animals"!
Thank you so much to the Brigitte Bardot's team and their donors. Your trust means the world to us!

Brigitte Bardot

Kind regards,

The DAKTARI team

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