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Dear colleague,

On Thursday, November 11 2021, we announced the winners of the "Best Paper Award 2020" published in the International Journal of RF Technologies: Research and Applications.

We would like to congratulate Martin Erb, Christian Steger, Martin Troyer, and Josef Preishuber-Pflügl, the authors of “A Novel Automated Interoperability Test and Debug System for Near-Field Communication” on writing the best paper published in our journal in 2020. According to the evaluation committee contributes significantly with regard to the current state of the art procedures in the NFC field by providing and testing a prototype.

Of all nine papers published in the journal last year and considered for the Best Paper Award 2020, the following papers were selected as joint runners-up: “An IoT based rail track condition monitoring and derailment prevention system” and “Optimizing a RFID-UAV cattle search tour”.

All three papers are made openly available for you to read, download and share!

Thank you for attending the ceremony and if you missed it, we hope to see you next year!

Kind regards,

Antonio Rizzi

Evaluation Committee
Eleonora Bottani
Selwyn Piramuthu
Agusti Solanas


Aims and Scope

International Journal of RF Technologies: Research & Applications will establish a forum for exchanging information and research results regarding RF technology deployment, data analytics, and business value creation.

For technology deployment, articles should focus on how to deploy the technology to ultimately create business value. Potential technologies that will be covered in the Journal include Radio frequency identification (RFID), Real time location sensing (RTLS), Near-field communication (NFC), RF-based sensors, RF applications in the IoT, RF applications in Industry 4.0 environments and RF applications in smart buildings.

For data analytics, the Journal will publish articles that focus on how and where to capture the data (e.g. real-time, at the device, on the server etc.), present approaches for finding patterns in the data which may reveal process anomalies or areas for improvement, and examine the development and use of software related to RF technologies.

Ultimately, all articles should have a clear link to the creation of business value. Business value is taken in its broadest context as the management, operational or supporting set of linked activities that create value by transforming an input into a more valuable output. It can thus be transferred to different industries or different business functions, including retail, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, public administration and logistics providers, among others.

Although grounded on solid scientific backgrounds, the Journal will only publish innovative and challenging papers that have a clear applicability to the business world and are focussed on driving business value.

Both original papers and review articles are welcomed. All papers will be peer-reviewed.


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International Journal of RF Technologies: Research and Applications is indexed in Scopus, Cabells and Web of Science: Emerging Sources Citation Index. Please see the Abstracting/Indexing information for further details.


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