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Limited Ingredients

Making Delicious Meals with Limited Ingredients

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Limited Ingredients

Making Delicious Meals with Limited Ingredients

Ever get to the end of the week and feel like there are just odds and end ingredients left in the fridge? You might feel like: “there’s nothing to cook”… The reality?: “It’s an opportunity for creativity”. Make it a game. Limited ingredients can create unexpected masterpieces. Delicious, quick, and budget-friendly meals come from an almost empty fridge.
A few fresh ingredients, and even a couple of leftovers and voila..dinner! In this blog post, Chef Dawn shares her What’s-in-the-Fridge Stuffed Peppers recipe - but this one is a bit unique... In addition to a recipe, Chef Dawn made a rough formula for you to follow - so you can adapt the recipe to use up all the bits and scraps in your fridge. Check out the recipe here!

AH Meal Planning Quick and Easy Week

Quick and Easy Classes

Next week is QUICK-AND-EASY Week! Chef Kenzie will be hosting TWO Quick-and-Easy focused meal planning classes. Join her Monday June 21st at 7pm EST for our Quick and Easy Basics Class
* A Full One-Week Dairy-Free Meal Plan,
* Weekly Prep sheet,
* Additional recipes and resources, including
* A one-hour live lesson plus
* 30-minute live Q&A with Chef Kenzie .

Then, join her on Thursday June 24th at 12pm EST for our monthly special quick-and-easy class: Quick-and-Easy Interactive!This class comes with additional resources, a one-hour live class and 30-minute Q&A with Chef Kenzie Osborne. Better yet? This interactive class allows YOU to bring your own staple ingredients and ask Chef Kenzie what you can prepare with the items you have on hand. Register for the Quick and Easy Basics Class HERE and the Quick and Easy Interactive Class HERE. If you have questions prior to joining, email kenzie@alwayshungrybook.com.

Read a bit more about Chef Kenzie and her experience with the AH Program HERE.

Sunday Meal Prep Group

Sunday Meal Prep Group

Need more accountability to start Phase 1 or to stick to a Phase 1 reset? Want help with meal planning and prep? ...Join Chef Kenzie Osborne on Sunday June 27th at 11am EST to prep meals together for the Week 2 Menu. Upon registration, you will receive an email from Chef Kenzie with your One-Week Phase 1 Meal Plan, Weekly Shopping List, and Weekly Prep List. Then, join the Zoom class on Sunday to learn tips and tricks to make meals faster and more efficient. Kick off your week on the right note! Limited capacity - reserve your spot HERE. Session will be recorded for future viewing for participants who enroll and cannot make the class time.

Click here to find out what's on the menu!

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For Recipes: Pinterest
For videos and inspirational quotes: Chef Dawn on Instagram and Facebook
For food stories and body positivity: Chef Kenzie on Instagram
For community support: Join our Facebook Group
For Research Updates: Dr David Ludwig on Facebook and Twitter
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Comparative Effects of Intragastric and Intraduodenal Administration of Quinine on the Plasma Glucose Response to a Mixed-Nutrient Drink in Healthy Men: Relations with Glucoregulatory Hormones and Gastric Emptying

See Dr. David Ludwig's Tweet and Read the Full Article Here >>

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