Welcome to the third edition of 'Ruminations' by John Salter. 'Ruminations' is a newsletter sharing my reflections on what ought to have been known - and done - about risk, and its management.


Why do they do that?

Seeing - indeed, carefully observing - what others do differently and asking "WHY?" has triggered significant change in the world.

It is to the question of #WhyPeopleDoThingsDifferently that I turn my reflections this week.

LateenSail glasses

I was reminded of this last night when I dusted off my favourite “after-dinner glasses” for a drink with friends.

The "Lateen Sail" glass, inherited from my parents, brought back fond memories from my childhood.

Britannica Lateen

We were in Egypt, and my father was saying how the Arabs "invented" a sail which could tack - zig zag - into the wind. A technology that, according to classic interpretations of European History, went on to enable global discovery - and the Renaissance.

It's a great story - now debunked by evidence the “Lateen” design was developed, independently, in several other parts of the world.
But I say this "debunks" in only a small way!

The big way in which it is still a great story is about constraint - in the case of Egypt, a narrow, north-south running river - nurturing opportunity.


The classic interpretation appeals to me - not because it’s right, but because it inspires. That it happened elsewhere, just adds to further celebration of how humans adapt and improvise.
I say "raise your glass to the spirit of the Lateen Sail - to the spirit of turning constraint into opportunity”.

Logo Launch Flag Landing New York

Given we are launching globally available offerings - why not land the logo in NY (for a bit of fun)?

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