November 16th, 2017

Last week, MY Canada's 17th delegation took to Parliament Hill in the nation's capital to meet with Canadian MPs and Senators. Our mission was to thank and honour them for their hard work on behalf of Canadians, to share our hearts on a number of issues, and to ask them to work to advance godly legislation in the nation.

Some of the issues the team spoke to our leaders about this year include pornography, gender-selective abortion, informed consent for women considering abortion, the legalization of marijuana, government spending & national debt, freedom of conscience, religion and speech, and more.

In total, the team of 16 young adults had 57 sit-down meetings with Parliamentarians and hosted 25+ Members of Parliament plus staff at our parliamentary reception. It was a busy and impactful week!

A Few Highlights:

The meetings themselves were fruitful as we were able to be a voice asking our leaders not to legalize marijuana and to safeguard the religious freedom of Canadians, among other issues. Incredibly, we also had opportunity to pray for most of the MPs and Senators with whom we met right in their parliamentary offices!

We sensed favour everywhere we went and seemed to have numerous unplanned encounters with leaders in hallways, elevators and sidewalks, including with leaders of the NDP and Green Party. A number of our last-minute meetings and reception guests were a direct result of these run-ins.

Our parliamentary reception was a huge success as we honoured our hard-working Members of Parliament and their incredible staff with a time of good food and entertainment. At this event, we specifically honoured MP Michelle Rempel for her tireless efforts to help persecuted Yazidi women and children, MP Ron McKinnon for his Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act, and MP Garnett Genuis for his commitment to fighting for religious freedom in Canada and around the world.

Perhaps the biggest highlight for the team was being involved in the fight against Clause 14 of Bill C-51 which proposed removing specific protections for religious services and those performing them (Section 176) from the Criminal Code. We shared our concerns about this bill and its implications to the religious freedom of Canadians in every meeting for the first half of the week and were thrilled to be in the House of Commons celebrating the announcement that Section 176 would be safe on the Thursday of our delegation. What a victory! (Click here to read our National Update on this.)

We also saw tremendous growth in our delegates especially in their passion for Canada and being more involved in influencing the nation towards righteousness. A number of our young adults are prayerfully considering running in upcoming elections! We are so proud of this incredible group of Canadians.

Scroll Down for Some Pictures from the Week!

Thank you!

We simply could not have accomplished this mission with excellence without the support of the many people who partnered with us. From those who donated toward the delegation, to those who provided dinner meals for the team, to those who joined our intercessors e-mail list and the delegation team itself, this was a true group effort.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to say "THANK YOU!" to everyone who sowed financially, prayed for and encouraged the team. Your prayers were needed and felt, and we could not have done it without you. Thank you for partnering with us. We did it, together!

Next Steps:

Our 17th delegation was a huge success. But we know that this was just a starting point; we are believing that we will continue to see the impact from this mission and a real shift in our nation in the months to come. We are also beginning considerations for our next delegation! Will you help us keep the momentum going?

Here's What You Can Do:

1) Pray: Please pray that the words we spoke in meetings and the prayers we prayed over MPs and Senators would take root and that hearts and minds would be impacted and leaders encouraged to stand for what is right. Please pray that our young adults would carry their new passion for Canada home to their families and churches and that the Church in Canada would become more involved in our government and democracy.

2) Donate: We are already budgeting for our next delegation. If you are able to help us get a leg up so that the next team is even more impactful, please click here to make a donation now. God bless you!

3) Be a Voice: Going to Parliament to meet with Canada's leaders is a wonderful example of our democracy. But you can be a powerful voice for righteousness right from where you are at. Please continue to read our National Updates and most importantly, take action, in the months ahead. We believe that now, more than ever, the Church needs to get in the game to impact Canada for godly values. Thank you for tracking these issues with us.

A Glimpse at Our Week in Parliament:

Here is a sneak peak into our busy week on Parliament Hill from the many meetings to the reception fun and group shots on the Hill. Enjoy!

Josiah 17 Team2 Lia Jennifer etanaiah Evan Ashliegh
Josiah 2017 Yonah Martin
Josiah 2017 Elizabeth May
Josiah 17 Cathay Wagantall
Rob Nicholson meeting
IMG 8750
IMG 8756
IMG 8758
IMG 8764
IMG 8801
Josiah 2017 Arnold Viersen
IMG 8799
IMG 8780
IMG 8875
IMG 8878



Interested in Running for Election?

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