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Did you notice my new newsletter banner? It coordinates with my new website design. In addition to the new website, I also have a new YouTube video (an important one), a change of work space, and some new art.

NEW YouTube Video!

FemaleMasters Image

The Forgotten Masters

My latest YouTube video, The Forgotten Masters, is what I would consider one of my most important. It introduces viewers to a number of female master painters from history - many of whom were ignored or forgotten for decades and even centuries. The video discusses their amazing achievements as well as some of the struggles they faced.

Click HERE to watch the video.


NEW Website Design

It's been a while since I updated my website. It's always nice to have a refresh, and this design was aimed at being clean...simple. I cut down on navigation so the viewer's experience will be much nicer. Click HERE to take a look!


A Change of Scenery

IMG 3877

My new office space for August

Recently, I've been feeling the need for change - especially a change of scenery. It's hard to be creative when you get bored. So...I made the decision to rent out an office space for one month and work on my upcoming online class somewhere totally new. I'll also work on some summer alla prima paintings. I'm really excited about this and am looking forward to the little kick in my routine.


New Artwork

Poyerd Spring sm


Spring (11 x 14, watercolor on paper) Spring is one of the most refreshing seasons of the year, and part of what makes spring so refreshing are the beautiful greens of the fresh foliage. This painting highlights those colors as well as the effect of sunlight, resulting in dramatic values that emphasize the graceful arching of the tree branches. Available on

WinterTrees sm

Winter Path

Winter Path (18 x 24, oil on canvas). Even though it's currently the middle of summer (and I have some summer paintings in process...), I took a break to paint this winter scene in oil. It may sound funny, but it was nice to kind of mentally "cool down" in a way.


Discount Code for Online Courses

Newsletter recipients can purchase any of my UDemy courses for only $10.99 by using coupon code COURSENEWS.

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Developing an Eye for Landscape Composition
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