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Special Issue Focuses on the Next 20 Years of PD Research

Volume 8, Supplement 1 / 2018 Freely Available Online

Guest Editors: Patrik Brundin, J. William Langston and Bastiaan R. Bloem


"In 2017, we were all reminded about the 200th anniversary of James Parkinson’s “Essay on the Shaking Palsy”. To mark this occasion, the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease (JPD) published an open access special issue highlighting eight of the most important advances in Parkinson’s research over the past 60 years.

Once we began discussing what the future might hold, we speculated that we might see more advances in the treatment and care of Parkinson’s during the coming 20 years than were evident during the preceding 200 years. Thus, the idea of a collection of short, forward-looking and visionary articles was born."

We are now pleased to share news of our latest open access special issue that looks to the future! This new issue of JPD (Volume 8, Supplement 1) focuses on the next 20 years of PD research covering a range of topics and new therapies. All articles from this issue can be viewed by clicking the links below, or access the entire issue via the following link:

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Volume 8, Supplement 1 / 2018 Available Online

All content in this special issue is open access for you to read, download and share!

The Times They Are a-Changin': Parkinson’s Disease 20 Years from Now
Brundin, Patrik | Bloem, Bastiaan R.

The Emerging Evidence of the Parkinson Pandemic
Dorsey, E. Ray | Sherer, Todd | Okun, Michael S. | Bloem, Bastiaan R.

The Search for Environmental Causes of Parkinson’s Disease: Moving Forward
Chen, Honglei | Ritz, Beate

From Prodromal to Overt Parkinson’s Disease: Towards a New Definition in the Year 2040
Berg, Daniela | Postuma, Ronald B.

MDSGene: Closing Data Gaps in Genotype-Phenotype Correlations of Monogenic Parkinson’s Disease
Klein, Christine | Hattori, Nobutaka | Marras, Connie

The Gut and Parkinson’s Disease: Hype or Hope?
Scheperjans, Filip | Derkinderen, Pascal | Borghammer, Per

Evaluating Parkinson’s Disease
How Mobile Health Technology and Electronic Health Records Will Change Care of Patients with Parkinson’s Disease
Hansen, Clint | Sanchez-Ferro, Alvaro | Maetzler, Walter

The Future of Brain Imaging in Parkinson’s Disease
Helmich, Rick C. | Vaillancourt, David E. | Brooks, David J.

Updating Our Definitions of Parkinson’s Disease for a Molecular Age
Chen-Plotkin, Alice S. | Zetterberg, Henrik

Parkinson Diseases in the 2020s and Beyond: Replacing Clinico-Pathologic Convergence With Systems Biology Divergence
Espay, Alberto J. | Lang, Anthony E.

Treatments of Parkinson’s Disease
Continuous Drug Delivery Aiming Continuous Dopaminergic Stimulation in Parkinson’s Disease
van Wamelen, Daniel J. | Grigoriou, Sotirios | Chaudhuri, K. Ray | Odin, Per

Non-Dopaminergic Therapies
Nutt, John G. | Bohnen, Nicolaas I.

The Future of Surgical Treatments for Parkinson’s Disease
Lee, Darrin J. | Lozano, Andres M.

Non-Medical Management
Management of Parkinson’s Disease 20 Years from Now: Towards Digital Health Pathways
Klucken, Jochen | Krüger, Rejko | Schmidt, Peter | Bloem, Bastiaan R.

Mobilizing Parkinson’s Disease: The Future of Exercise
Ellis, Terry | Rochester, Lynn

Towards Personalized Rehabilitation for Gait Impairments in Parkinson’s Disease
Nonnekes, Jorik | Nieuwboer, Alice

Cognitive Interventions in Parkinson’s Disease: Where We Want to Go within 20 Years
Kalbe, Elke | Aarsland, Dag | Folkerts, Ann-Kristin

Disease Modifying Treatments
Therapies to Slow, Stop, or Reverse Parkinson’s Disease
Foltynie, Tom | Langston, J. William

Repairing the Brain: Gene Therapy
Björklund, Tomas

Repairing the Brain: Cell Replacement Using Stem Cell-Based Technologies
Henchcliffe, Claire | Parmar, Malin

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Collection of Quarterly Parkinson's Webinars

Video of the December Webinar Available for Viewing

JPD is working in partnership with The Cure Parkinson’s Trust (CPT) and Parkinson’s Movement to concisely capture a snapshot of the science of PD and translate it to deliver better understanding for all. Linked to this initiative, a series of Quarterly Parkinson's Webinars was launched to bring the discussion of specific research topics into the open, so the whole process of rating research will become even more transparent.

The most recent webinar, held in early December, was a great success. A video of the webinar can be viewed by clicking on the image below or online here. We encourage you to allocate some time to view this interesting discussion, which was based around therapies targeting the genetics of Parkinson's disease.

The host was JPD Editor-in-Chief Patrik Brundin and panellists included Benjamin Stecher, Ron N. Alcalay, Ziv Gan-Or, Gaurav Gupta, and Jonathan Silverstein. The discussion focused on recent research studies from genetics to the clinic. Watch out for news on the next webinar here.

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