Lebanon Circle Magic announces the return of Professor BC. Three tiny trinket boxes, one each of wood, bone, and cinnabar, combine with an actual human femur (thigh bone) to produce a series of extraordinary and uncanny experiments, unique to the world of bizarre magic, that Prof BC calls Ossuary.


The Ossuary thigh bone is cast in high-grade artist's resin from an actual human leg bone and hand-aged to present what must rank among the most grisly, realistic props available to the bizarrist's arsenal. A channel has been bored through the length of this bone, a simple shaft that is, in reality, a portal to the impossible. Drop a pearl into the shaft, or an amulet, or anything that can negotiate the tunnel, and that object should simply fall out the other side. That would be expected. That would be normal. But this is no ordinary bone. Witchcraft is afoot, or is it voodoo, lycanthropy or a shaman's curse? The object may stop unexpectedly, disappear entirely, or even translocate instantaneously to one of the three trinket boxes--even one selected by the spec! More, you can present an experiment in alchemy in which an object introduced into the bone changes to gold.

Many routines occur while the bone and objects are under the complete, exclusive, and open control of the spectator!

No strings, springs, threads or attachments of any kind. No sticky stuff. Nothing is used that is not visible to the audience. The bone and boxes are completely examinable. Indeed, the spectator holds the leg bone herself, drops the object through, does everything and yet (with no electronics, no batteries, nothing but perfectly old-school magic) the miracle occurs.


Nothing to break or wear out. Nothing to replace. Instantaneous reset. Can be performed surrounded, close-up, one-on-one, parlour or platform. The performance manual, as you have come to expect from Professor BC, contains over a dozen handlings, routines, and subtleties that extend the use of your Ossuary to a wide range of performance possibilities. Although based upon a little-known scientific principle (Lenz's Law and the Faraday Law of Induction), the kit is so well camouflaged that even science teachers will fail to recognize it in your Ossuary performance.

Ossuary offers you a highly visual, flexible, and mystifying effect set in a series of routines that range from a short one-off to a full, self-contained presentation. Ossuary is a utility piece, and included routines demonstrate its flexibility with pirate themes, werewolf tales, Tibetan gods, alchemy, and much more--each customizable to your own presentation needs and style.

Ossuary is limited to no more than 70 units for sale and will never be made again. Once these are sold, they are gone forever.

Price £420 (plus £40 shipping US Domestic, £75 Rest of the World)

Launch date TBC but it will be in January, more news to follow.



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