2018 Guidebook Review

Here are a few tips for using our Guidebook for relay weekend!

Download & Print

We recommend that all teams download and print the Guidebook to have with you on race day.


Getting Ready

The single most important thing you can do to prepare for the race is to run frequently. With three weeks until race weekend, we hope that you have already started your training. If not, check out our training plans and modify them to fit your needs over the next few weeks. Make sure to run twice in one day at least a few times to be prepared.

If you can drive or run the course prior to the race, you will be better prepared on race day to follow the route. All teams and individuals are ultimately responsible for staying on course. The route will be marked with directional signs and volunteers will assist you, but it is important to remember that it is your responsibility to stay on course. For that reason, take plenty of time before the event to study your individual legs.

If possible, have a team meeting. This will help your team get prepared for race day by determining who is bringing which items and it will give you a chance to enjoy a cold craft brew together.

Go ahead and purchase or locate your safety gear. Even teams with later start times will be required to have two reflective vests, two headlamps, and two blinking LED lights in case of inclement weather along the course.



Team sizes of three (Ultra), four, five and six are allowed. For awards and prizes, teams of four to six will be grouped together.

All teams must compete in one of the following divisions: Ultra Female, Ultra Male, Open Co-Ed, Open Male, Open Female, Masters Co-Ed, Masters Male and Masters Female. Awards will be given to the top three fastest teams in each division unless there are five or fewer teams in a division. If there are five or fewer division teams, only the top team will win an award.

Have fun by participating in one (or all) of our contests! Prize baskets will be given to the winning team of each contest.

Best Team Costume - Wear it all day long and the more outrageous, the
Best Vehicle Decoration - Your vehicle has to be awesome and street legal.
Please don’t create a safety threat with empty kegs on top of your mini-van!
Best Social Media Post - We love social media! The post that tags us on both
Instagram and Facebook that we love the most will win. If your team doesn’t
have its own social media page, then it should.
Best Team Spirit - Fun teams create a fun environment for all. Show your
team spirit along the entire course. Our volunteers will be voting for this
winner, so make sure they feel your love!


Rules & Safety

Remember that this is an open roads course. There will be vehicular traffic. Please run on the left side of the road and obey all pedestrian laws while running unless instructed otherwise by law enforcement or race volunteers.

No earbuds. Leave them in your vehicle so you are not tempted.

Bring your phone with you. I know this is a no-no to some of you, but it will allow your team to track you using the RaceJoy app and allow you to make a phone call if there is an emergency.

Drivers! Vehicles are required to use the driving directions provided in the Guidebook and are not allowed to drive on the race course unless indicated in the directions. The driving directions are designed to eliminate as much vehicle overlap with runners as possible.

Remember that consumption of alcohol on the race course is prohibited. No other substances that could impair driving or good decision making should be taken or consumed during the race. Having open alcohol containers in vehicles is against the law. Any team drinking in their vehicle will be disqualified, and the police will be notified. We need safe and sober participants throughout the relay. Save your drinks for the finish line celebration!

Need to get in touch with us on race day? Text us at 803.728.4553 or email hq@villetovillerelay.com.


Race Day

Make sure you get to the starting line 30 minutes before your scheduled start. Your team will need to verify that you have your required safety equipment on race morning. If your team has not completely checked in on Thursday or Friday at packet pickup, then please arrive 45 minutes before your start time to complete this process.

Please display your vehicle ID tag on the rearview mirror before the relay starts. Bib numbers must be worn when runners are actively running and by those runners that are waiting in the transition zone to run.

Your vehicle is your support system. It serves as your locker room, nap area, cafeteria, stretching area, etc. Your vehicle will be in constant motion from one transition area to the next with rotating passengers between 8 and 14 hours during race day. Be prepared for your fun adventure with plenty of food, clothing, coolers, etc.

Need printable runner directions? Click here, then print and laminate for each runner.


Final Tips and Checklists

Set up and create a communication plan with your team. Group text messages work best!

Make your plan for lunch! There will be a food truck at Southern Appalachian Brewery and Swamp Rabbit Brewery on race day.

Follow us on Social Media. This is the best way to get up-to-date information.

Review our packing checklist on pages 36 and 37 of the Guidebook.


Thank you for participating in our inaugural event. We look forward to seeing you. Please let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!

Chief Experience Officer
Ville to Ville Craft Brew Relay™


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